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Yandex Browser - with Alice is an easy, convenient in its application and fast program for high-quality surfing on the Internet. A Yandex browser from the company noticeably speeds up page jumps at low Internet speeds and saves your device’s traffic. He knows which site you want to download, even if you do not know the exact address: the browser will be able to open resources in the same second, saving time considerably. Answers to the questions posed will be shown at the same moment, without unnecessary transitions to other pages. Adored sites will open in one click - on the Scoreboard.

  • When you click on a line in this Browser and create a fresh tab, the Scoreboard will be shown automatically - links to sites most frequently visited by you;
  • You can easily select interesting sites by hand and save them so that they always light up on the main Scoreboard.
  • The fastest loading pages and significant savings in outbound and inbound traffic: Turbo's new technology will help this application to build web content with page so that you can download them most efficiently and quickly even at low Internet speeds;
  • Search is performed without unnecessary clicks: to reduce the search time and the subsequent response, the browser displays information immediately, for example, the location of the nearest bank, news and image;
  • On the tablet, this browser will open web pages next to the results of your request, to make it more convenient for the user to select the desired sites;
  • Smart introductory line of user requests: sconce zer recognizes the addresses of Internet pages and user input requests that were typed from the keyboard as well as with the help of voice;
  • the program recognizes any page by its description and immediately opens it;
  • the program displays any values and facts immediately in the displayed prompts;
  • < b> Convenient synchronization of the displayed data: Thoughtful ergonomics makes it convenient and easy to use Yandex Browser on any mobile smartphone or tablet: there is no special need to adjust bookmarks or lists each time ok of the most visited pages, they will automatically be transferred from the computer’s memory to your smartphone;
  • All browser bookmarks you create are saved on the Yandex server: < /b> even if your smartphone is discharged or fails, they will be sent to the server and saved;
  • Speed dialing: Click once on the mobile phone number that was found in the browser or personally on the computer, and your mobile device will dial it (if the synchronization function is activated in Brau Leray on two devices).
    Yandex Browser for a few seconds will determine what kind of website you need, thus you can not fully enter the address, and save your time. All desired answers can be received immediately, without switching to other pages.

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