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Developer: 505 Games Srl
Latest Version: 1.2.12785 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Terraria (Terraria) is an entertaining and at the same time absolutely simple application, suitable even for the weakest smartphones. The meaning of the game and management is similar to the popular games: Minecraft, SurvivalCraft, Block Story. In this game, you create a character that is endowed with the required qualities and abilities: you can train him, develop strength and endurance. As you progress through the game, you will be able to open weapons, build houses for your hero, as well as participate in battles with opponents, triumph and get bonuses.
This is one of the very projects that began to get its popularity even on ordinary computers. The reason for the increased fame of Terraria is also in the fact that any participant will be able to create the world they like without any problems and later walk along it along with a friend.

Developing your hero, creating his appearance, at the same time you will have to develop weapons, a battle with numerous enemies and other brave heroes in the submitted quests. But the player’s primary mission is to build his home and protect himself. You will constantly survive, studying infrastructure. There is also magic in the project, as well as more than two hundred types of weapons, potions, and equipment.
As a player should be aware of the main opponents, who will constantly build various dirty tricks to the main character. These are seventy of the most complicated monsters and five impassable leaders. For the player, it is also possible to rank the streams of molten magma and water, which will easily destroy everything that they touch. When you start the game, you can immediately break into killing enemies, and the weapon will be a regular pickaxe or a shovel, but savvy and logical thinking will be the main effective weapon.

Terraria is similar in its meaning to the Minecraft project, only in the 2D version. The game has a similar system of crafting, almost identical mobs, objects and methods of their extraction, for example to destroy the object, just hold your finger in the part of the screen that you want to destroy and the process will begin. Players who understand Minecraft will have little trouble understanding the gameplay of this application.

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