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Full-featured and widescreen Opera Browser: fast and secure on Android, using the most advanced technologies in its functionality, including HTML5. Thanks to this breakthrough, he is able to work with the Flash format on third-party sites and hosting. Particular attention is an interesting service to reduce the supply of traffic: all the data that you will be sent from the Internet, at the very beginning pass through the separate Opera servers, on which they are assembled and refined, and only then appear on the screen of the smartphone. Sometimes such a layout can cause small errors in the display of the page itself.
Opera browser is a very well-known and convenient browser for phones and tablets. Opera on the Android system is a more improved version of the usual browser Mobile Classic. The browser is different from the rest of the incredible speed of displaying web pages, practical in work, and filled with the most necessary functions. Also for Android smartphones was released another browser prototype called Opera Mini. This is a more advanced, incredibly fast browser, which is in great demand on smartphones, for which the waste of excess Internet traffic is not the main goal. This was achieved due to the fact that the page on the Internet are arranged in advance, before downloading to the device. The main negative feature of this browser is that the pages filled with complex animation will not be fully loaded, but it will not catch the eye.

The Opera browser is completely Russified and perfectly suited for displaying and working with pages designed in the new trends of technology, with advanced animation effects, java-scripts and other features of programming. Due to the fact that all the information will be arranged in advance, this will save your traffic, the Browser works much faster than other well-known fellows. Also, the frequently used features of Opera Browser can be attributed to the “Incognito” mode, which makes it possible to view any information inconspicuously for others.

Working with bookmarks, the user will no longer need to search for previously saved pages - they will now always you. In the category called “Recommendations” there is a special list of the most well-known news resources, which allows the user to keep abreast of recent events in the world all the time. The main advantage over similar applications is the rapid response speed, the ability to save web pages of the necessary resources for later study when the Internet connection is turned off, a new archiving method - a significant reduction in eaten traffic, as well as using Off-Road to increase the speed. In addition to all of the above, the program has a personal download manager that can stop all downloads, or set priorities for these files.

Functions of Opera browser:

Saving your visits, the presence of the inclusion of an anonymous mode;
Practical "live" search this;
An interesting and multifunctional home screen with collections of fresh news.

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