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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Latest Version: 14.4.31353 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Age: 7+
Size: 42 Mb Mb
Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - this toy can rightly be called the highest quality card game for smartphones. In this project, you will be able to find a large number of cool cards, adventures, game modes and familiar characters.
The project was developed based on the plot of the most popular multiplayer game Warcraft, to be more tactful, the most interesting characters were taken there. As for the gameplay, then at the very beginning we are obliged to go through a short, but instructive training, and we will be trained as a wizard. Here we describe the main features of this game and what is best to do during future battles. There are a lot of cards, as well as the leading characters in the game, and they will only increase.

Playing on the card theme, whose name Harstone has completely completed the testing program, and pleased with its release the shelves of gaming services. And if you look at what we have today, this application has all the possibilities to become the most cool, interesting, and popular in this kind of genre project. If you make conclusions by name, then the famous word “Warcraft” pops up before users. And this is not just because the project is closely intertwined with the legendary online game. Users will be given a choice of several game classes. These classes include mages, warriors, hunters, rogues, priests, paladins, shamans, druids, and warlocks. Ultimately, the unique characteristics and new magic on which the game will be built will depend on who the user chose as the lead character at the very beginning.

For winning in battles, users will be given a certain amount of experience. These experience points will be required to increase your level, and they will open up access to new types of cards. In the store you can buy all kinds of kits, this kit can include anything. Those users who cannot accumulate the required amount of money can construct the required set themselves, but for this purpose it is necessary to accumulate magic dust. It can also be earned by spraying unnecessary cards. Although at times this ingredient falls in the arena. Thus, users quickly realize that each thing is closely related to another thing, and this fact can be used in their own interests.

The main features of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:
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  • The game was created based on the legendary Warcraft universe with its world famous heroes;
  • Confrontation between opponents will occur on a special table? before losing one of the players;
  • Ability to pre-create combinations with existing cards;
  • Incredibly spectacular tricks and effects;
  • Ability to improve your abilities.

In Hearthstone three game modes were included: duels in real time, training with artificial intelligence, and arena mode. In arena mode, users, having chosen an absolutely random card deck, are required to stand as long as possible, and the game will be completed only at that moment if the main character loses in three rounds. Whether you want it or not, each player will soon be in the arena, as many quests will be associated with this place, something like: destroy a few monsters or collect an ingredient. As a prize will be given magic dust, and other useful items. The graphic component of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is very bright, even for a card project. Incredible development and attention to detail, impeccable drawing of the main classes, and insane special effects when throwing out any card makes the game incredibly exciting. Well, the background music also leaves a good impression of such a pastime.
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