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Google Play Store (google play market) is an incredibly handy application that helps the owner of a mobile device to significantly increase its functionality by downloading fresh toys, purchase movies, download any music you like. Now there is no special need to search for the right programs all over the Internet, when you can download it in a couple of clicks through the above mentioned service.

The official store client from Google Studio, which includes a set of the most necessary programs for full-scale market operation, and other products of the above company. The installer is absolutely universal and unpretentious, as it mates with absolutely any mobile device, and after downloading, you only need to create an account for yourself or enter an already registered one.

In the market, the user will find a lot of high-quality projects and programs with convenient and clear sorting, as well as search. And if you have not yet discovered a torrent for yourself, or simply decided to thank the author, then you will be able to purchase audio recordings, films and literature right in this store! Without looking at the visible advantages of the application, it also has one significant disadvantage - the mandatory verification of the license agreement. For example, if you want to download paid content with a license, when you turn it on, you will get an error and the product will not turn on.

Developers are working very carefully and well at every upgrade of the Google Play Store. To him regularly stamped interesting updates that improve the overall functionality. Over time, the application Google Play Market is updated and there are some adjustments to the appearance. This year, the design of the service has been reworked according to the Material Design standard created by Google. The developers of the service really invested certain forces in their product to make it extremely simple, so that even the most inept users could find what they needed and download to their device in a couple of clicks.

If for some reason the user cannot purchase some the application, or just not enough material resources for its acquisition, the user can easily save to the "Wish List". You can also read the comments, and check out the update. To permanently remove the hacked version of the program and return the original source - delete the entire program cache and all data related to it and download the original. To do this, click in the tab of the menu- & gt; applications and find the GP service and click on "Delete data."

Although there are paid applications and other products on the Google Play Market, in most cases you can find a free version of the program in it, albeit with less functionality, which in most cases can not be distinguished from the original version of the product.

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