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Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Latest Version: 1.13.20 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Fallout Shelter (Fallout Shelter) is a separate branch of the adventures of the Fallout world from Bethesda Studios. Presented at the exhibition called E3, the game, although it immediately received a stamp, as another frivolous creation, which is designed to fill the developers' pockets on the back of the Fallout 4 exit, in practice turned out to be an incredibly addictive toy and quickly took the first line on downloads. Gameplay is the management of personal asylum. The user will have to carefully monitor its inhabitants, solve pressing problems and establish contact with other characters in the post-apocalyptic world. To be precise, the user will have to ensure that his home is always in good condition and replenished with food, water and energy.

Each inhabitant of your home has its own S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (system of accrual of checkpoints in the world of Fallout). Depending on the above resources, different heroes will be better or worse able to cope with this or that activity. And the right to decide who and what to entrust, of course, belongs to the user. Also, the user will need to independently monitor the population of its residents. However, adolescents will not be able to immediately start helping you, so the number of employees should be kept under control all the time. The toy Fallaut Shelter is free, and therefore the store with paid content will be in it. And it is there - lunchboxes are the local analogue of currency. You can earn these lunchboxes without transferring money, for certain game actions, completed passing quests, and so on. But the main method of their earnings is direct purchase. In the game currency itself, boosters can be hidden for the necessary resources, or new heroes for your home. Externally, the toy looks very nice, a bunch of different references to the original series, educational videos from the original and atmospheric music.

In the very first hours of the Fallout Shelter game, an indelible impression of a quality and expensive mobile project is made. However, the free content in the application is not so much. The game was developed in an animated style, all video sequences from the original source of Fallout were made in it - so that all lovers of the series will have a very cool and detailed design. Great attention was paid to minor items - without looking at the lampiness of the exterior design of the fallout shelter, the user will be able to examine even the smallest elements in the shelter. Sound design is on a par with graphics, and all this makes a bright and coherent picture.
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