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Screencast is a product created specifically for the Android system, which is a successful analogue of Fraps for computers. Photographed through it directly from the display of a mobile smartphone video in high quality can be successfully stored in the memory of the smartphone in MPEG4 format. And this is not all features of the application. The program also has the ability to edit the footage. In addition, soon the creators promise to increase the functionality of the project, translate into Russian, and also include the function of creating photos. This will help users of various chats and social services. networks to broadcast videos on the YouTube portal, to get acquainted with the innovations that will be useful to all kinds of reviewers, and presentations. Having the ability to customize and edit helps to bring some charm and non-triviality in your project. Also, using the program, you can move files, significantly increase PFS and so on. It is these properties that have created a quality tool from the program for additional money making. Reviews of all sorts of technology, programs and films, music created using the program, bring very good income to their creators and for many users are the main income. Download Screencast Video Recorder RUS and, having familiarized yourself with all its features, as well as you can join the ranks of happy owners. The expanded version of the screencast application in Russian will relieve its users from not spending money on the purchase of a very expensive video camera. Due to its download and subsequent installation, your phone will perfectly cope with all requests.
Since such applications are most often used for recording educational films and reviews, the sound recording option, which is implemented very well in this project, will be very necessary here. Incredibly useful as a data manager, which helps to comfortably compose videos on various parameters. In addition to all the above, this manager helps you easily send created videos to your friends, as well as upload them to your YouTube account. The main disadvantage of Screencast is that the screencast application does not work with every type of processor, which means supported by some smartphone models. In all other respects, we have a very simple and, very importantly, high-quality program for creating and processing video.

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