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Developer: Telltale Games
Latest Version: 1.37 update 8 months ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
Minecraft: Story Mode (minecraft story mode) - this is not an additional patch to the original source, or even a large mod, this is a completely new toy in the legendary universe, in which the user will see all the same standard blocks, only This version will be all twisted with an interesting plot. In the new project you will have to plunge into the fascinating world created from cubes, where you will be engaged in carrying out the tasks and talking with outstanding heroes. During conversations, your hero will be able to choose the necessary answers by himself, on which the story story will directly depend. Look at the Minecraft universe from a different angle, because you no longer need to do the boring craft and look for this or that material. Just do missions and enjoy good humor.

Minecraft: Story Mode is an amazing story of the main characters of the world of Minecraft, developed by Telltale, you will have to dive into the magical world with the company of brave fellows, and also save them from a terrible creature! The game presents us with a story that will be appreciated not only by connoisseurs of the series. Everything begins with the story of three comrades who are preparing for a construction competition!

From the very first moments of the game, you will need to influence it in every way - namely, to help your comrades, to make the right choice. But, as should be in such a storyline, everything went wrong according to the plan and the main character will need to make every effort to ensure that his goals are fulfilled. In terms of gameplay, Telltale is very pleased with us: the story will be alternately alternated with conversations with the possibility of choice; a lot of bright frames, which require lightning-fast evade attacks; it’s not possible to build in the game, but you have to help the characters with crafting.

You will need to play as one of two characters, male or male, to choose from, but with one interesting addition — whoever you choose to play with, your character’s name is still Jessie. The player will need to go through five game series with familiar to us from the original source landscapes. The lead character belongs to the guild of stone, which they are obliged to protect. But in an instant something went wrong according to plan, and now you have to comb through all five worlds in order to find out where the grief came from.

Telltale Studio once again managed to prove that even the most common Maynkraftovskaya graphics combined with the right lighting and cool voice acting - creates an amazing effect of immersion into the universe. Without looking at the ubiquitous pixels, all the characters very well "play out" with fun grimacing with their dice, the animation is very accurate, even there is a smoothing effect!
The in-game atmosphere and moods are perfectly transmitted by every little thing, so you will not be disappointed!

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