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Category: Apps
Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Latest Version: 7.1.6 update 6 months ago
System: Android +
Age: 3+
Size: Mb
Clean Master - this application is designed to clean your smartphone's memory from unnecessary data, as well as unused applications. The program makes it easier to search for the necessary information, files that you have already forgotten and lost about, because they only "download" the entire system, reducing the speed performance of other programs of your mobile device.
The application is simple graphics, the interface is not overloaded details and intuitive to every user. In the main menu, there are diagrams for loading the device memory and flash cards. Immediately there are four keys to work directly with the software itself: garbage, tasks, data, and a chain completes the item called - applications. Tasks that are performed in the “background” not only load the RAM, but also consume the necessary battery charge. Task Manager can pause the work of programs and free up memory to improve the performance of your smartphone. The label (Accelerator) will make working with the program even faster and easier. Root rights are no longer needed, but if such access is granted, the task manager will “fly.”

The sections in the Clean Master application:
  • "Garbage" - allows you to view and delete with one touch the cache of your smartphone and residual information.
  • "Applications" - In this sub-clause, it is possible not only to erase the installed programs, but also to save those programs that may be lost or will be needed soon.
  • "Personal data "- this section stores all information tion of the accounts stored on the mobile device, as well as the complete history of the used search and purchases that were made with the device. All this periodically needs to be erased, and the application will make this removal quick and painless.
  • "Tasks" - this section has all the information about tasks that do not work in main menu. This greatly reduces the performance of the smartphone.

  • Clearing residual information from the application and all kinds of garbage: deletes unused programs from the smartphone, including the cache, which remains every time after erasing games.
  • Deleting the entire history of the program : Browser history, passwords, SMS messages.
  • • Task manager, with a practical and convenient widget: Allows you to unload working processes and Programs.
  • Manager software, with the advice of "programs of the same type" and rating: Allows you to quickly erase unused software, as well as all their information in the operating system.
  • Scanner vulnerable Places: Scans smartphone memory for problems
  • Game Mode: Allows you to speed up the work of the selected game with one click, by disabling unnecessary processes.
  • Allows you to transfer programs to the USB flash drive

Definitely Clean Master, simplify the work and life of the owners mobile devices based on Android. However, during the initial cleaning of the system, you need to be more attentive to the details of cleaning the system, because, in unnecessary files, the program, without proper adjustment, resets clips, music and pictures that you may still need. Just remove the checkmarks and get the desired result.
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