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Developer: Warner Bros. International Enter
Latest Version: 1.06.4 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (Lego Ninjago) - addictive gaming application in which gamers get into an amazing tale, and try out a very unusual gameplay in action. Players will do their best to help the first samurai recover their own stolen memory. You can also play the game on cars, airplanes, you will soar in the sky, jump high, and create amazing things. It is necessary to say about the flawless implementation of the gameplay, in which new elements appear, making this toy even more exciting. In the beloved world, under the name Ninjago, a very serious and unexplored threat has appeared. A mindless villain named Ronin began to steal other people's memories from every warrior who stepped onto the ninja path. He manages to do this thanks to a very old and powerful artifact called the obsidian glaive. The main mission of your hero is to take away this dangerous thing and stop the nightmare created by the villain forever. You will be studying the virtual space, you will see ancient caves, rocks - your hero must go around everything and find a sworn enemy. Opponents will meet you at the Ice Palace. You are obliged to cope with all of them. The game has an impressive amount of vehicles and clothing for uniforms. You will destroy the building blocks, use the unique abilities and characteristics of your ward, for example, the challenge of a hurricane. The game has a lot of obstacles, carefully go around each of them, do not stumble upon the traps and try to cope with any logical task as quickly as possible. Throughout the gameplay, you will open more and more maps. Character in Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin will require some "upgrades" that are purchased in the game store. Collect achievements, which are a large number. In the future, these achievements will boast to other players or their friends.

In the in-game environment, the player will be able to change and modify the control system, switching to the control format - the “virtual remote”. In this case, the interaction with the screen sensors will improve significantly. The game of Lego Ninjago: Shadow Ronina enlisted detailed graphics and highly non-standard detailing. It will be viewed in each of the presented locations. The project interface is fully translated into Russian, the main menu is understandable, and character management will not make you nervous, since everything will be clear on an intuitive level. Help the main characters of "LEGO® Ninjago ™: Shadow of Ronin" regain their memory and knowledge, as well as defeat the sworn enemies.

Main game features:
  • Heroes are recognizable by past parts;
  • Colorful cards;
  • Huge selection of weapons used;
  • Tough battles;
  • Ability to use various vehicles.

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