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Category: Games
Developer: Simplicial Software, LLC
Latest Version: update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Nebulous (nebulus) is another prototype of the famous gaming application. In the main menu, you will need to select simple parameters before playing. At the very beginning you need to find a server. It is best to choose the Europe server, since it has the least speed drawdown. After that, click on any of the presented modes. The last keys will be responsible for logging in to any existing team of users. In this way, you can team up with friends to play a couple, or join the team with completely random users. We will have to play for the miniature circle. Small circles will be scattered around this subject in an absolutely chaotic manner. They need to absorb to increase in size. You also need to say about the initial control settings, there is a very comprehensive selection of various options for controlling the trajectory of the object, set in standard mode, the management will seem extremely inconvenient to you. In addition to you, since the application is sharpened under the command of the game, other users will move around the screen, with an already clear goal - to eat you and turn into the biggest ball on the field. To prevent this from happening, until you have reached a large size, as the main means of protection, you can use black holes standing on the map, just fly into their field of action. If a big character touches this hole, it will break it into small pieces, which you can also devour from a black hole. Now let's talk about the game modes in nebulus.

The first mode will be presented as a classic. Here the main task - to become the largest and take the top line in the top and try to keep. The second game mode is called Teams. Here all users are divided into three teams. Circles of one of the groups, respectively, will not be able to absorb their comrades, and as a goal, other groups must conquer. The last of the modes is called Mayhem. If you wish to play it, then also, as in the first of the presented styles, you will struggle to get the largest size, but the server will reset the counter and reset the results every five minutes. Those. you will need to win, and in your case absorb, for a special period of time. Regarding appearance: the image in the game is not very detailed, but not so terrible. In this genre, other graphics and is not required. The nebulus application is optimized perfectly, nothing will freeze, the network part is also at altitude.

Main features:
  • Find a suitable team or play with friends;
  • Up to two dozen users can play simultaneously online;
  • There is a mode for a single player (without connecting to the network );
  • There is general game statistics and accumulation of experience points;
  • Several types for management;
  • List of champions on the server.


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