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Developer: R-Soft LLC
Latest Version: 1.7.5 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0+
Already overgrown with the legends card game, all sorts of mobile application developers constantly change and rework to unrecognizable state - they change the style and appearance of playing cards, enter other rules, opportunities, game modes, categories, introduce a system of bonuses and prizes for victories won. The card application, which was called Fool Online, offers its fans even more innovations - a multiplayer game mode suitable for a large group of players. The primary mission of the game remains the same - users will be obliged to get rid of the existing cards before their opponent. The last person to stay with the cards at the table is considered the loser. In this novelty, some of the possibilities for changing the number of cards in the deck and the rules of the game in "transferable" or "flush" Fool have been reworked. It will be best to read and understand the new rules before the game starts - all games will unfold with real users, and such players should not expect mercy! Open and closed tournaments, “flush” from a number of seated users or all players, “translated” Fool, decks for twenty-four, thirty-six, or even fifty-two playing cards. Download this version of the Fool on Android and feel the difference from the game with real opponents in the presented almost world-class card game modes! There is also a rating system here - frequent losses will lead to a decrease in the general list of players!

Positive aspects of the application:

  • Practical and user-friendly interface;
  • The game is played only in a cooperative mode with real users, between two and six people;
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  • Deck size at your discretion: 36, 24 or 52 cards;
  • Standard game rules: "transferable" or "flip";
  • The category "gives the closest user", or same "throws up every player";
  • Ability to throw another user with more than one playing card at a time;
  • Closed tournaments;
  • Opportunity to play again with past users of the application;
  • Possibility to return a randomly thrown card.

In terms of the graphic part, the game did not let down, although it cannot boast of special special effects and incredibly smooth animation. But in the genre of gambling and does not require promising explosions and fireworks. The application has acquired eye-catching tones that will not focus all attention on themselves, but will help to concentrate more on the gameplay, since playing with real users is much more complicated and interesting than playing with a computer. After all, the main thing in this entertainment - do not stay in the cold.

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