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Developer: AIRBITS & Reactive Phone
Latest Version: 3.5.5 update 1 week ago
System: Android 5.0+
The robot PRO Chatbot is an interesting idea that will appeal to any connoisseur of something new and outstanding. With this application you can get many opportunities to implement the most outstanding ideas, the manifestations of the most risky creative thoughts, ensure fast and smooth communication. A practical management system gives this project the status of a personal assistant who will speak the same language with the user.

Chatbot roBot PRO combines comfortable work, practicality, clear setting parameters and the most desired package of functions and capabilities. In essence, the Chatbot is an almost complete AI with a learning mode. The program will communicate with the bot, manage it and choose the format of communications. And all this will be carried out taking into account all the requirements, and even individual requests of its user. The data editor is attached to the main package, so the owner of this bot will be able to teach him new things, and using the word editor to change absolutely any database records or format it.
Implementing database support up to two GB, the capabilities of this project allow him to quickly master foreign languages, which will be very useful for those who are studying a foreign language. In addition to conversations with the owner, the robot will be able to joke, share the necessary information and entertaining stories from world history. To talk with the bot, you do not even need to connect to the network, and the information will be supplemented with the release of the new version. This robot will be a source of fun and a loyal assistant in any business.

In addition to the standard communication between the user and the robot, the bot will be able not only to tell interesting information, but also to give good advice for real life. To do this, there is a separate option from the tips above, which is activated by single clicking on the light bulb icon. Now the smart robot will turn into a miniature assistant in acquaintance with the opposite sex. Even if you have such a person in mind, this assistant will tell you how to make a non-standard compliment or pay attention. Chatbot is trained by a lot of users. For this reason, some of the possible answers may carry non-regulatory vocabulary. The developers are trying to clear the robot of such information, but downloading this software to your smartphone, you accept the agreement that the developers are not responsible for what the robot says.

The main features of the Chatbot:
  • Short processing time between question and answer
  • Easy transition from Russian into English layout
  • Recognition of obscene lexicon
  • The information base will be updated periodically and be supplemented by
  • Changing the animation of the movement of the robot through the directory "light bulb"
  • Does not require a permanent connection to the Internet

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