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Pretty tired that in games and software offers to buy something? Buy absolutely free with the Freedom application!
Using this program is very easy: download, launch (the start-up may take a little longer than usual), click but the application - it turns on. After these procedures, it will most likely pass a license check, and when you purchase from the program you will pay with a non-existent card.
The application does not work with online games and online services (there are some exceptions, but this is not always the case).
The basic principle of the program is to create a virtual card with which you supposedly pay.
And to be more precise: it will completely disable the mandatory license check in the application.
Also, you will need the Google Service Framework I have Google Apps c Google Play Store, and, of course, Google Account.
perhaps not entirely correctly work when you use Google Play Store app modified.

This program has got a huge popularity all over the world. Freedom on Android produces the replacement of the shopping server, thereby creating the possibility of emulating acquisitions that are counted as real. This software will work in widescreen mode only if the root user has rights.

Instructions for using Freedom:
  • Download and install the program.
  • Go to the program, the program window should appear on the screen, asking users for access, we respond to the request.
  • Next, the scanner of the list of games downloaded on your smartphones is launched.
  • We are looking for a "paid" application in the highlighted list , click on it once, after which it will be The data embedding function was generated. Further the game itself will be launched. If any problems occur with the server deployment process, you will be shown a failure and the launch will not occur. This does not happen with every existing application.
  • At the moment when the activation took place, you need to go to the internal shopping service of the selected game.
  • Choose what we will purchase, then a special window opens with authorization of the purchase.
    Then click on the button "Accept and buy" and get the right product.

Main problems in the application:
  • While Freedom is installed on your smartphone, the Play Market will not function. Its operation and capabilities will resume to the original settings after uninstalling Freedom;
  • Before completely removing the application, you must stop the process in the settings, and delete it afterwards;
  • If Google Play does not function after clearing the Freedom system, then you will have to restart the device.
  • If you have restarted the system, but the necessary changes have not occurred, then you will need to find the file called host at /systems /etc, and include in this line the value: “ localhost. After saving all changes to the file system, the user must set the format r /w. After the above points, you need to restart your smartphone again.

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