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Creehack is a program to simulate the purchase of a variety of game resources, which can be purchased in a standard format only for real currency. Compared to a project called Freedom, which is also designed to circumvent the actual payment process, you do not need to have superuser rights on your smartphone to use the Krihak program. The negative side of this application is not a very large number of games with which the program can work, although this list is regularly updated. There are games on the Internet, hacking of which by this product is simply impossible, it can also be due to the lack of root-access on a smartphone, which is very important for using all the functionality of this kind of software. Before downloading and installing Krihak, check the list of supported games in advance, or simply try your luck. The application does not have in its interface unnecessary settings and buttons for control, here there is only one key - Enable. And in order to quickly understand how to use the application, there are also detailed photos of the hacking process, but without them everything will be very clear.

Creehack how to use:
Before , how to get started with Creehack, open the settings of the system, and manually stop all Google services - this will significantly increase the chance of a successful purchase of game resources and useful items. Creehack will do its job in minimized mode. Now you can go into the game itself, which will be installed on your smartphone, and make the most necessary purchases.
There may be a situation when the game you need for your hacking is on the hacking list, but even the Play Store is off and Google services are disabled on your smartphone with Creehack running, it is not possible to make the desired acquisition.

In this case, take the following steps:
  1. Disable Wi-Fi or mobile Internet on your smartphone;
  2. Go to your smartphone settings, Apps, "Google Play Market" "Google Play Services" pause their work (to do this, click on the application, and in the menu displayed, click on the "Stop Process" button)
  3. Turn on the CreeHack application, after that, go to the main screen (in the version of the program v1.2, you will need to press the "On" key, and in v1.1 - activation is performed at the initial power-up)
  4. Go to the selected game and make a purchase of goods in the game store, if at the time of making a purchase a special window appears on the screen called Creehack - the hack was successful.

The program was specially developed for the Android system to save its users from the fee for simplifying the gameplay, while enhancing the pleasure of a completely free game. Of course, there is a possibility that the program will not turn on on your device, and will not be able to hack the game you need. But the probability of this is extremely small, so in order to find out all the hacker’s possibilities in practice, download and install this software on your smartphone.

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