Block Strike for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Rexet Studio
Latest Version: 6.2.8 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 7+
Size: 61 Mb
In the gaming application, which is referred to as Block Strike, users will have to wander through all sorts of worlds that carry a lot of dangers and your bloodthirsty opponents. Understandably, you will be entrusted with cool weapons, with the help of which you will have to fight back against all offenders. You will need to set your priorities, and therefore what needs to be done to achieve positive results. The project developers offer players an incredible arsenal of the most varied weapons, so you can definitely find something suitable for your personal temperament and style of play. Be prepared for the fact that to fight on the front line with the most dangerous and cunning enemies will have to go without a break. It will take a lot of effort and diligence. Among other things, it will not be superfluous to hone your attention, since it is not always possible to find out from which side and at what moment an enemy attack will be committed against you. Work on reflexes all the time, because with their help you will be able to snatch victory in a round. In your free time, do research on the maps presented, work on pumping available weapons, or simply achieve the highest goals. You can open versatile chests and receive gold coins for it. Selected gold can be spent on the purchase of new guns. In addition, there is also a function of changing the appearance of the lead character. There will be four game modes here, and we recommend visiting all of them.

The main goal is to win. It is not particularly important how this will be obtained, the main thing is to win. Learn to shoot with the mark and your enemies will definitely lose. Get the most powerful weapon and change its performance. You can also change its appearance. Try to do everything in your power to snatch victory from the enemy's tenacious paws. The set will be the most common, and new functions will open as it continues.

Download and play Block Strike on android is recommended to all lovers of the genre "team action" - the gameplay has incredible dynamics, effective and little predictable, and For this reason, all sorts of skirmishes are unlikely to bore you, even after a few hours. Moreover, the game has special chests with equipment that changes the appearance of the weapon and the main character - be non-standard and rush through the levels, crushing all your enemies! The outcome of the contest will be unknown until the very end - sometimes opponents on the team fail, sometimes opponents lose. Give yourself one hundred percent and earn gold and interesting rewards!

The main features of the game Block Strike:

  • Huge selection of firearms;
  • Several game modes of your choice;
  • Capability changes in the appearance of the main character and wearable weapons;
  • Easy to use control;
  • Cool pixel graphics;
  • A variety of gaming locations for research.
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