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Maps: Navigation and Public Transport is the most common GPS navigation application. By downloading these cards to your device, be it a tablet or a mobile phone, you can make the simplest and shortest route to the desired goal. The program will also help you find the right address, get acquainted with city traffic jams, as well as understand the location of various shops and city sights. At the moment, Google Maps is the most important attribute of any user who values ​​his personal time. Do you often have to be in other cities, and you have repeatedly traveled on unknown routes in search of the desired place? Download this software on your smartphone and do not waste your time on the wrong trajectory of movement, as well as personal money - to purchase standard maps of a particular city. This navigator is much more functional than its paper counterparts, because it will not only show the way to the right place, but also has a whole range of useful functions.

If you are a resident of a big city, this program will help you to be all the time aware of the situation on the roads and not meet on their way congestion, in which every motorist loses a lot of free time. To all of the above, Google Maps will always be with you and at any time will build a new, most strict and correct route. At the moment, using Google maps on the touch screen is a pleasure. You will no longer lose your way to an unknown city, visit the most interesting places, and be able to get to the best hotel in the area, and also have breakfast at the nearest cafe in the area where you are staying at a specific point in time. For girls, a useful addition will be an overview of the largest shopping centers, boutiques and various clothing stores. Drivers will now be aware of traffic jams all the time, and will also be able to find the shortest way to their final destination. It is also encouraging that various extras regularly appear on these cards, which will be very useful at the right moment, so if you have such an opportunity, update the maps every time.

Main features of Google Maps:

  • Navigator differs from most analogs in better display of captured maps;
  • The program also includes in its package a simple search system for the required addresses;
  • The program allows you to set the simplest and shortest route to suit every possible congestion;
  • The most accurate geodata of two hundred countries;
  • GPS navigation with the ability to enabling voice commands for motorists;
  • A precise description of more than one hundred million different places;
  • There are routes for fifteen thousand cities;
  • Supports the panorama;
  • Navigator helps you find the closest restaurant, library or other institution;
  • View images from different countries.

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