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The School: White Day (White Day) - this is another colorful horror movie for android devices, which has not been without depressing graphics and exciting spirit of soundtracks. These parameters will immerse you in the terrifying atmosphere of this world. The described application brings with it a bunch of cool surprises. You will have to help the lead character, find a way out of a closed educational institution, where frightening ghosts and disgusting monsters continually wander. The player should not wait for someone to come and help him, everything will depend only on the actions of the hero. In the new horror in front of you will be presented a huge number of doors, however, each of them will be closed. It should also be said that throughout the passage, the player will be in oppressive tension, because the exit is required to search very quickly and not delay in the face of impending danger.

And now I would like to talk about the storyline. Soon a grand celebration will take place, the main acting character decided to prepare his surprise a little surprise, and for this the guy decided to get into school. This decision was a fatal mistake for him. The guy did not even guess who walks along the dark corridors of the school when the sun sets over the horizon. He found himself at the very epicenter of a wild horror, as at night an incredible number of poltergeists wander around this place, who are not very willing to get in touch with living people. He went to ask for help from the local watchman, but he also could not help him, since he was not himself. Now the last attempt to save your life is to find the way out of this ill-starred place. The player will be obliged to open all the doors so that he can move around the school all the time and not stand in one place, since this is very dangerous and may threaten an early loss of life. Be extremely careful and attentive, there will be a lot of creatures in this place. Search for a spare exit every corner of this terrible room, and try to do it at a pace, because it’s not a fact that you can live until dawn.

Also, to prolong this guy’s life, the player will be required to complete some quests, and always follow a variety of tips. In the game White Day, you can also get game points for the time that was spent in a live state. The project also has a shop of things, where you will open some extras for items. As you go deeper into the process of passing, the level of game complexity will increase proportionally. It is possible to interact with things located near you. Find the necessary inventory to open the doors and move on. It is also interesting that there are no disgusting bloody scenes in the game, the absence of which can alert some fans of the horror genre, but do not be so categorical, the game is already very frightening. Also can not but rejoice in the presence of cunningly intricate plot stories in the game, each of which will carry an alternative ending. So everything you do will reflect on the style and complexity of the game.

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