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Category: Apps
Developer: Bulent Akpinar
Latest Version: 4.3.4 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
Link2SD (link 2 sd) is an incredibly convenient and easy-to-use application that must be downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone. Its performance capabilities help the smartphone to selectively move system applications and games from the internal memory of a mobile device or tablet to the external drive represented by a flash card. Unlike most similar programs, Link2SD is much easier to use and manage, and also much more productive in terms of work. In fact, the program described in this article is the real manager of the file system of a smartphone, and it does its job perfectly well, which cannot be said about most of its fellows. With this project, the user can easily move files, make a complete cache cleaning and thus increase the performance of the mobile device. Very important! For proper and uninterrupted operation of the program, flash memory must be divided into at least two disks. And this is not all the requirements yet! The manager has an incredible ease of management, an interface that is understandable even to a novice user, as well as eye-catching visual design. To install this software, you need root access on your smartphone. The process of downloading and installing the application is carried out in automatic form, and will not require any unnecessary manipulations from the device owner.

Main features of Link2SD:

  • Incredibly functional file system manager
  • Version Plus can transfer information from personal program directories;
  • Reference for obb format directories;
  • Link to the built-in password-card and return to the initial state of files with the apk and lib extension;
  • Automatic transfer of newly installed programs (can be turned off if desired);
  • Moving absolutely any user software to a flash drive, even if the program does not support transfer to the card [* (the forced transfer function is supported from Android 2.2 versions);
  • Batch link, reinstall programs, update, delete, transfer, and so on;
  • Notification of the possibility of moving the downloaded software;
  • The program selects applications that can be moved to SD (apps2sd);
  • Select the boot location: internal, external memory or automatic installation mode;
  • Delete the files of the android system;
  • Ability to stop the operation of system software;
  • Conversion of system assignment programs into user and inverse operations;
  • Integration of system application updates into the system (ROM);
  • Separate widget to delete unnecessary cache;
  • A message about exceeding the total cache;
  • General deletion of data and unnecessary cache of pre-selected programs;
  • Clearing the shared cache with one click. Convenience is that for this you do not need superuser rights;
  • There is a list of exceptions for the cache of selected applications separately.

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