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Category: Games
Developer: Disney
Latest Version: 3.252.1844 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 3+
Size: 83 Mb
Studio Disneu has developed a very uncommon arcade, which was called Disney Crossy Road (Disney Cross Road). The gameplay of this arcade almost completely copies the gameplay of the game, whose name is Crossy Road. But in this version, users will be able to find more traced locations and about one hundred and thirty characters from the company's favorite cartoon films. Start your difficult journey through the locations we will be on a couple with Mickey Mouse, which is designed by developers in the pixel style. It is required to be extremely attentive, since absolutely any contact, no matter if it is a car or train, Mickey at the same time will break into small pieces. Arcade gameplay is not particularly difficult: the user will have to constantly move forward, find game coins and lightning speed through obstacles, although sometimes it does not always work out, but in most cases you can achieve good results, with due diligence. Managing the main character is as easy as in other games - just tap it once on the display and the main character will start moving forward, if you need to change direction, then just slide your finger around. As you already understood, everything is the same as in the adored Crossy Road. The game is not too hard, but know that on the way there will be a huge number of dangers, ranging from vehicles and ending with a turbulent river. The faster the hero passes, the more chances he has to earn a new record. You also shouldn't stand in one position for a long time, since the “screen” will soon catch up with you, and the game will end. Pixel graphics is designed as it should look like in modern projects, focusing in retro style, and nominal bright, beautiful and well-developed. The music is smooth, the sounds do not cut the ear. Disney Crossy Road is an arcade game with which you don’t have to be sad, and you can always have a good time, especially if you have nothing to do with yourself. Ardent fans of arcade applications can rightly evaluate this project, and other users can simply enjoy the work done.

Features of the Disney Crossy Road app:

  • Interesting trips to animated locations, such as a haunted mansion, barn, etc.
  • A huge pile of nice add-ons and all your favorite songs to listen to.
  • Amazing tests that make it possible to show you what your hero can do.
  • The ability to collect a collection of hundreds of cartoon characters, as well as cool bonuses and additional prizes.

Most of the Disney Crossy Road game characters can be unlocked by throwing game currency into a special machine - one hundred gold coins for one hero. For more rare options, there will be several steps. The part is unlocked if you collect fifty things with a certain character. This can be done in a few games. To open other characters you will need to collect a whole set - a collection of several heroes that are similar in some way.
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