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Dolphin Browser (Dolphin Browser) - this is the very first of the browsers, which at one time went to the Android system, and since that time it has been systematically supplemented, updated and pumped, which helped him to stand in the first places, standing out from the rest of the browsers for its versatile features and amazing download speeds. From time to time such a question is being asked that today it is possible to create such that the browser is different from its counterparts? The Dolphin project team of programmers approached their work with incredible diligence, and first of all their product was perfectly adapted to touch-sensitive displays. Today, this is not a huge achievement, so the product has learned to display Internet pages much faster than the rest of its fellows and has got a personal “intelligence” that helps the browser adapt to any smartphone owner. This is the main merit of the correctly edited work of all the possibilities of flexible program settings, and additions that are loaded into this browser.

Features of the program dolphin browser:

  • Customization of the visual part of the browser allows users to decorate it to your liking. A huge variety of already created themes can be easily and effortlessly combined with each other, or you can download and create your own personal wallpaper for the main table.
  • A full extension store gives you the opportunity to install the most versatile add-ons in the dolphin browser service on Android OS, the number of which today is more than two hundred copies. And this is a very good indicator for a browser on a mobile platform.
  • The ability to control with the help of gestures, which makes it possible to completely get rid of the need to press buttons.
  • The user will also be able to customize his gestures, which will later be responsible for the necessary operations. If the keys are more convenient for you - the last parameter can be turned off in the options.
  • Customizable screen for personal preferences that allows you to lay out all the most interesting and used (bookmarks pages, etc.) on the main screen, so that at any time in one click you able to get full access to the required information.
  • With just one click, you can exchange links with your friends through social network Tweeter, Facebook, or directly via email. It is also possible to save references of required resources in any of the cloud storages you use.
  • Creating quick tabs will give you the opportunity to keep all materials of interest around you, and with all of the above, you do not need to switch between the already included "windows". The number of such tabs does not affect the speed of the application and the internal resources of the smartphone.
  • Turn on the synchronization function, and all your personal information (located in the program settings) will be fully synchronized with each other, and will no longer be lost, even if the user erases the browser , or wish to transfer identical information on multiple smartphones.

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