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Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Latest Version: 0.146.2 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.4+
Pokemon GO - a game that in an instant became the leader of downloads on Google Play, and begins to gain widespread popularity. Nevertheless, the game was not available for a number of mobile devices for a certain period of time, because the official presentation of the project did not take place. In the application you have to look for all sorts of pokemon in real time. This is not only an addictive process, but also a very healthy pastime: you will have the opportunity to travel a lot around your city. Also, the map will feature a variety of caches.

Also in the game, users will fight, and what is the coolest, it will happen to real users. Of course, we will not fight in battles, but faithful wards, who need to be trained all the time, since the steeper they have the characteristics, the greater our chances of winning the match. In terms of quality indicators, Pokemon is thought out for all the little things, for this reason there will be nothing to complain about. The gameplay, albeit not a particular novelty, but it can be sorted out in one minute. Moreover, the gameplay creates a magical atmosphere of immersion in childhood on the screen. An interesting point in the project is that in order to conduct battles online you will need to buy a special bracelet. And the conversation is now about the real wrist bracelet, and not about all sorts of gaming add-ons in the app store. But it’s good that the developers of the application themselves didn’t really increase the cost of the item, and if you don’t like real-time battles, you can refuse to purchase this item. There will be a lot of game heroes - how exactly a pokemon will be, it's up to you to decide. Another remarkable thing is the composition of the coaching teams. If you don’t want to fight with the enemy alone, then cooperate with a whole group of real players, and after that hold small battles - they will be much more spectacular and better.

Also, you won’t win if your pokemon doesn’t constantly improve. The pumping system in Pokemon is very well designed, so after almost every fight you need to train your ward, as our opponents develop and acquire new abilities, but this outcome should not be allowed. As part of the image, users will enjoy the great animation of animals - it will be shown in all its glory during the battle. The incredible variety of colors, however, in the series, they also had enough. They absolutely do not bother their players, but on the contrary, brilliance is the main advantage of the project. What can be said in the long run? This is most likely the only game on the theme of the Pokemon world that has managed to grab the attention of many users. And this is justified, the project is very interesting.

The main features of Pokemon go:

  • The variety of favorite Pokemon , both from cartoon and new;
  • Cooperative game mode based on the location of other users;
  • Augmented reality and the ability to interact with it;
  • Ability to create your own guild of coaches;
  • Interesting leveling ability of your Pokemon.

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