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Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest Version: 3.0.1 update 7 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
The list of music applications from the famous Ubisoft company has now reached the mobile systems, combining the brightest hits, features, as well as the function of synchronizing smartphones to a computer or other system, in which the mobile device will play the role of control controller. Absolutely everything can connect to the gameplay - there are no restrictions in the Just Dance Now game!

This game is an original simulator, previously presented on the PlayStation and Xbox systems. On these consoles, all movements of the players were processed by special sensors, and on smartphones this work will be done by the built-in accelerometer. Therefore, for a full-fledged game, users need in addition to their mobile device to find a TV with the ability to connect to the network, or a simple computer on which you must visit a specific site and download the program on it. Having entered the developer's site, the user will have a separate number, which is entered in the game itself, so that in the future it can be connected. After all the necessary options are adjusted, the player can select the track of interest and start dancing. Very pleased that almost all the tracks in the game are free, and new ones are added daily.

Due to the gyro of your smartphone, the Just Dance Now application determines the correct position, and how correctly the user will repeat the movements from the application . In such an uneasy way points are obtained and new songs are introduced. There are a lot of audio recordings in the application, but in order to open access to the entire list, you will have to try. The game will be a worthy entertainment at all kinds of parties, because it gives the opportunity to dance a big company. There is an interesting battle mode for dancing battles. In this mode it will be possible to compete with the same users around the globe. It is clear that this requires access to the Internet, without it the project will not work.
As for the dances themselves, everything will be very simple and interesting. A video with a dancing character will be shown on the display of the second unit. You are obliged to take in hand a mobile device and repeat all movements exactly. This will be required for the announcement of the final results, which will help the system to score a dance, and put the final score. The steep one is the dance that will be performed by several characters, so quickly call all your friends to the screen and have fun. On the external component, the game is framed very interestingly and simply - bright shades and decent animation of the characters add a certain charm to the game.

Main features of Just Dance Now:

  • Good optimization with other systems;
  • Nontrivial idea;
  • Cool exterior of the game;
  • For the application, the user will need another device with Internet access;
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  • Dance fights with other opponents;
  • Dances in a large company;
  • A huge list of versatile tracks;
  • Easy installation and pairing with other devices.

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