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Category: Games
Developer: Efez Games
Latest Version: 1.9.1 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Case Opener is an entertaining simulator in which economics has reached the main stage, and this feature will make its users show all the qualities of a businessman. Pursuing the collection of his collection, the user will be able to change existing weapons, buy new ones and sell unnecessary guns. There is an opportunity in the application to make various bets and receive additional income from it. And the user will have to start collecting his collection from the starting case, the exact key to which you need to pick up.
At the very beginning, the player will need to select the desired case he wants to open, then insert the key and wait a few seconds to find out what exactly lies inside. There are an incredible number of weapon samples, but for the most part they will be repeated, and several of the same copies are not needed by any of us. Then the player himself decides - he can either reject the item at the same time, or immediately add it to the collection, but there is one more outcome of events - to sell the item. The money received in the future will be useful. The material value of objects is not identical, and this must be considered. There are very rare and cool guns, and there are also those whose price does not reach even a dollar. You can find out the exact price of each item by linking the application with your Steam account, of course, if you own one. This will make it possible to correctly evaluate the items of each chest.

Main features of the case opener on android:

  • Maximum simulation of opening CS: GO cases;
  • There is an additional inventory for storing skins;
  • A list of all users in which you will compare the results of obtaining rare items;
  • Different exchange for a higher class;
  • Easy access to basic statistics dropped objects;
  • Ability to check the cost of the skin on the Steam Market;
  • The maximum interface is close to the legendary game on the PC;
  • Russian translation.

An illustrative characteristic of this game is an incredible excitement, because the main idea of ​​the randomness of an object hit, embedded in the gameplay of the project, each time increases the interest of users in the process of searching for rare weapons. You will also need a special key. This key can be purchased for the money that the application will issue for each hour spent in the simulator, or you can activate a separate mod. Then there comes a time when you need to make a choice and open the box. When the key opens the chest, the tape with all the available weapons automatically starts on the display of the mobile device, as in a slot machine. Here you only need to trust your luck, believing that it does not disappoint, and wait for the roulette wheel to complete the rotation and the slider will give the coveted prize. Depending on the type of key and chest, the user may have several chances to try his luck by turning on the roulette again. But one hundred percent guarantee that the subsequent outcome of the lottery will be more productive, no.
With the received weapon the user can act on his own: exchange, sell or leave in his inventory until better times.

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