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System: Android 4.4+
The new online strategy Mobile Strike offers its users a choice not only the opportunity to take part in the most difficult battles, but also to create their own secret military base, and after that engage in escalating defense. All military events will occur with the use of the most advanced weapons, the latest advances in technology and the incredible capabilities of combat units. To start the battle itself, you will initially have to prepare the existing troops, providing them with a new type of equipment, vehicles, weapons, and other items. The created army will need to be trained all the time at special ranges.

To create existing buildings, you need diverse resources. In the strategy of Mobile Strike, programmers have built a brief learning process with which it will be possible to understand all the basics of the storyline, to understand the characteristics of the weapon, to understand the value of each building. After starting the training, you can immediately proceed to the construction of your military camp. In order to get minerals, it is required to build structures such as a mine for gold, a well for oil, an iron mine, and a farm. In addition, a special training ground will provide an opportunity to carry out high-quality training of the army, the bank will give the camp the necessary money, in the hospital you can cure those injured in battles. One of the primary structures is a weapons factory, if possible, it should be built first.
This plant will supply the necessary equipment, and create combinations of the available materials. After some time, any structure can be pumped. This will help create even more useful items, each of which will be used in war. With the help of some tools you can build new projects, others will be engaged in hiring fighters, buying cars and other weapons.

The primary goal of the user in this game is to create the strongest and most efficient army. Therefore, do not neglect the research activities, as well as increasing the level of your place of deployment. This will make it possible to improve the existing abilities and characteristics of the warriors, who in the future will win an unconditional victory even over the most ferocious enemy. The players themselves will join versatile clans, and provide their wards with strong support from other users, create alliances advantageous under various conditions, and at the same time regularly send fighters to regular battles, as well as engage in the implementation of interesting tasks.

The main advantages of Mobile Strike:

  • Join the fierce battle with millions of other users;
  • Create huge cooperatives with powerful friends to resist the most dangerous enemies;
  • Create and improve the base;
  • Command four types of troops, consisting of sixteen types of units;
  • Destroy enemy vehicles on the battlefield to save rare items and earn a lot of experience;
  • Constantly improve your skill, increase and the mountain level and the fire power of the troops;
  • Acquire the most advanced vehicles and artillery.

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