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Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
Latest Version: 1.3.6 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
The application Facetune (facetime) for android is quite professional and interesting editor for selfie photos and other pictures. With this editor, you can quickly retouch the captured images, including new features in the image being edited. Now users can even faster achieve good quality photos, such as on the covers of fashion magazines! If you do not know the expression of self, then this is a photo of your person on the front camera of a mobile device. Sometimes it happens that even small flaws can worsen your shot. For example, facial rash, wrinkles, all sorts of bumps, and other blots that can now be removed with the help of this product. Fastime got a very practical and easy-to-learn interface. The keys, which are responsible for the operation of the built-in options, are located in the lower half of the screen. This is the format for setting up the main elements of retouching, it can be called the easiest, because with this arrangement the workplace increases, allowing you to do the main work more comfortably.

With this kind of software, you will get the same stunning result that users get well versed in more professional editors. The main difference is that you will not need any specific knowledge in this area to manage Facetune. Working in the application is not that simple, but also very interesting.
The program includes useful tools to help remove various skin defects, increase a smile, change the shade of teeth, edit facial contours, remove the effect of "tired" eyelids, and so on . In other words, after working with timetime, you will be shocked by all the possibilities of the “small” program. In addition to the options for editing the face, the product also has the ability to add to the photo a variety of stickers, filters and other additions. On the working screen, you can share the final result with your friends in the social services presented. networks.

With the help of the “Plastic” option, users will be able to beautifully edit defects that can be removed only with the help of a surgical procedure. Such changes can be editing the shape of the nose, as well as an increase in breast size. When you become very bored, find this tool and turn your photo or a photo of a friend into a “Cheburashka”, increasing your ears and nose to unimaginable sizes. For the female half of users, the product opens up a lot of interesting opportunities to create a unique make-up without tedious makeup selections in front of the mirror. You can pick up beautiful shadows of any color, increasing the volume of your eyebrows and lips. You can also conduct several experiments with filters, and add a frame to the picture.

Main features of the application:

  • Absolutely choose any hue of mascara and liner;
  • Increase the size of your lips and change their color;
  • < ! - dle_li ->
  • Give a more expressive shape to your eyebrows, as well as increase the volume of eyelashes;
  • Experiment with different tones.

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