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Developer: ZenUI, ASUS HIT TEAM
Latest Version: 1.2m.4.150 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android +
Remote Link (PC Remote) is a very useful tool for remote control of all options on your personal computer. Wireless communication of a computer and a mobile device that can act: a tablet, a smartphone, a smart watch will provide for its users unlimited freedom of action. The application gets full access to the functions of your computer via Bluetooth, or the Internet connection. Before that, to synchronize the connection between the computer and the mobile device, you need to download to the first ASUS Remote Link program. After a quick setup of the service, the user will get full access to the keyboard and various commands for manipulation. Turn on the Remote Link application (PC Remote), sit down in a convenient place and enjoy all the features of the product, of which there is a huge variety. The user can also use his own phone as a remote control for switching between songs, fast-forwarding an interesting series, viewing photos, turning the pages of a book, and other manipulations. Voice commands make it easier to switch between frames during various presentations.

One of the most direct tasks of this project is to conveniently manage multimedia data stored on a PC. Ask yourself if you want to get up from the couch while watching an interesting movie to pause the show during an important phone conversation, or to revisit a cool moment again? Or rewind the song for the right moment, being, for example, in the bathroom? It is this kind of application in the remote control format that will interest many owners of android smartphones. If you, for example, have a tablet at your disposal, then it automatically turns into a surface for control, through which you can do the most incredible things. In other words, the scope for action will depend proportionally only on you.

Key features of Remote Link (PC Remote):

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  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Remote control of your computer using a phone, tablet, or smart watch;
  • Convenient control of the slide material;
  • The touchpad format creates a wireless computer control console from your mobile device;
  • Ability to use a voice command to turn on;
  • Convenient control audio content;
  • Possibility to make the choice of the control of interest (voice command, touch keyboard, or gestures);
  • Fast synchronization and setting up basic commands;

  • In other words, by synchronizing the device with a PC using a Wi-Fi connection and turning on the application itself the phone, the user will be able to see on the smartphone display an exact copy of the screen of his computer. In the lower half of the program, all the main controls will be located: the control mode using the mouse (the direction is set using the arrows, there are exact analogs of the function buttons), the keyboard mode, gestures, etc.

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