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Latest Version: 2019.04.3 update 1 month ago
System: Android 5.0+
So the moment came when Yandex created a special service for the most selective music fans! So, all those who have at their disposal a smartphone on the Android system, can download today the service Yandex.Music - a program designed specifically for those people who love the combination of good quality and variety of choice. Yandek.Muzyka - this is a special project with the functions of the player. It has a wide range of options, and also impresses with the sound quality of already familiar musical compositions. Among other things, the player has got a clear and convenient in terms of use of the interface, to understand which is not difficult. Well, connoisseurs of efficiency will acquire the fastest search for fresh musical material. Also, if you cannot find out the name of the desired composition, then the program will become your main assistant in this business.

Users will be able to adjust the options presented as they wish - here you can access the compilation of your music list, moreover, as in program, and on a separate service - data synchronization will be held in automatic order. This is a project to make sure that its customers are up to date with the latest events in the world of music, understanding the new trends and individual preferences of each person.

Main features of Yandex.Music:

  • Ability to use the software without connecting to the network. All playlists, songs that have been saved, as well as the submitted radio stations, can be listened to at any convenient time.
  • Play audio tracks from various storages: smartphone, Yandex system and its music archive (more than eight million tracks);
  • Great functionality. All linked playlists from the application, or in the service itself, are absolutely identical, which makes working with the program more practical;
  • Radio stations. A selection of fresh songs, based on the basic genre stylistics or the genre of an individual artist;
  • Quick search for the desired audio recording. You can search for songs or even collections of songs. In addition to the ability to search for the desired material, the program will regularly listen to the most famous tracks that have been included more than once a day, and then will be filtered by the genre. Also, users will be offered audio recordings from the administrators themselves;
  • The program has a function for recognizing a song by segment.

Service can be downloaded to your smartphone for free. Starting month after downloading and using the full potential will be open to users, but as soon as this period comes to an end, you will need to make some monetary contribution to unlock access to the offline mode and the rest of the music library. Without making money, users will have the opportunity to listen to various radio stations and recommended tracks.
General conclusion: Yandex.Music is a widescreen service that can be a real gift for true music lovers.

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