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Developer: Synthesia LLC
Latest Version: v10.3 update 1 month ago
System: Android +
Synthesia (synthesis). In order to quickly learn how to play a synthesizer or other keyboard instrument, of which there are a huge number at the moment, many people have been attending various music schools and private teachers for decades, and after that they rehearse for hours at home, annoying their neighbors to play at home. So, if you understand that you really need this knowledge, but you unfortunately do not have free time and money to buy expensive tools and tutors, then why not download this program to your smartphone, which will slowly but surely teach you how to play absolutely Any composition of interest.

One of the primary advantages of this application over other projects is to say first about the Russian localization, due to which the basic functions of the program will be understood even by a novice user. to the user (after the start-up, a training course will be held for you, and each project option will be shown separately). After the learning process, you yourself have the rights of the main one, you can find one of one hundred and fifty compositions to study, or go to the website of the creators and download even more songs from there. By the way, having learned the game with one hand and having performed several exact repetitions, the difficulty of the exercise will be increased, and it will start over, but for the game with the use of a pair of hands. During each lesson, you will not only be provided with the correct sequence of keystrokes, but also with what exact finger you need to do.

The application is freely available for about eight months, and during this period of time the project managed to install more than a hundred thousands of users around the world, and this is a very significant result, if we take into account the fact that the toy was published quite recently. As mentioned earlier, the project is distributed free of charge, but if the user is a true connoisseur of this melodic instrument, then it will be possible to purchase the game, the Learning Pack, which will help to achieve the best results in the learning process. The most positive thing from the creators of the game is that these guys were able to equip their offspring with the Russian version! For this reason, the user who is not very familiar with the standard English version, it will be much easier to deal with the game settings. In other moments, everything looks absolutely normal and dignified! The size of the installation package is about twelve megabytes, and this is not a fee for installing a project of such a high level!

Synthesia main features:
  • Separate notes for all keys;
  • More than one hundred and fifty ready-made compositions;
  • Intuitive interface in Russian;
  • Versatile modes, as well as a short training format;
  • Working with a MIDI keyboard, and scrolling the note scale;
  • Tips that will teach you to click on the individual keys you need fingers;
  • Ability to buy additional songs.

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