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Google+ (Google Plus) for Android - a separate program for those users who often sit on this network. This software has been packed with a huge number of settings and options, which makes the product useful for all types of users. The program has combined an impressive amount of Google applications, and will automatically synchronize them with your account. After downloading to the smartphone, the user will stay in touch with all his friends and relatives. As soon as the program starts for the first time from a smartphone, Google+ will provide a whole list of accounts you are most likely to know with the owners.

Google Plus is also a gift for fans who like to sit in video chat rooms or those people who are obliged to get in touch at work or other important matters. Due to such a necessary function, it will be possible to connect up to nine users in one chat room, in which anyone can show their own screen. If you like to share your thoughts with others, then lay out your news and do not think about their dimensions. In the Google+ service, the developers did not limit the number of characters entered. Here, every person will find something interesting and fun for himself, regardless of his character, habits, and interests. The application can be saved to your smartphone for free, and in the future you will not need to invest money there.

If you go to the service for the first time, then it may seem that everything is simple and unremarkable. There is a separate news feed, and image upload function. Also here you can show the point of your location. But this is only the usual functions that are available in any of the existing social. networks. This service will work special features. The first feature is the categorization of users (acquaintances, co-workers, relatives). This was introduced so that the user can personally regulate the privacy rate of the news sent. Just personally select the circle of persons who can read this news. Not so long ago, the most common social. networks has included such an opportunity in its package, because it is incredibly practical. More to the positive sides can be counted editor of images. With its functionality, you will quickly retouch the captured images.

Main features of the Google Plus application:

  • Communication all contact information with a user account;
  • Ability to display several screens in one chat;
  • Separating your friends into categories;
  • Video chat with the ability to connect up to nine users;
  • Widescreen image editor.

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