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Developer: Bad Crane
Latest Version: 2.2.3 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
Size: 22.82 Mb
Make More! - a new representative of the clicker format, where, in the shoes of the director of the enterprise for the production of various goods for people, we will force the wards to work all day long! At the very beginning of the passage at your disposal will be only one worker who will sit in a small room and diligently cut out all sorts of objects. He does this automatically, but at low speed. It is necessary for a player to tapn several times on the display, as the speed of creating a part will increase. And this is not just because you, in the person of the chief executive of an enterprise sitting in your office, will begin to loudly knock on the table and shout out many-sided threats.

The table of our employee may release a certain number of products, after which it will have to be given to the manager . This, ultimately, will give us game currency, for which it will be possible to hire more people, as well as to upgrade employees already working. The result is that we will increase the speed of production, as well as the efficiency of the table and other parameters. Sometimes in the game there will be bonuses in the form of a tape recorder, a cup of hot cocoa or a new uniform. By activating these bonuses, players can get all sorts of acceleration of the production part or change the price of products sold. Images of the "eight-bit" format looks incredibly typical, although due to the interesting gameplay and rapid development of events, the image is drawn to the very last. From the negative features, we can mention the absence of any melodies.

Any control in the application is touch-based - from navigation in the settings to control of the main characters. The basic rules of the game are not particularly complex. You just need to fulfill the requirements of your manager and try to increase the set production plan each time. With a positive outcome, the profit from orders will increase and orders will be much more! The very essence of the missions almost does not change - the to-do list is displayed on the display, and remains so until the end of the game. In every way encourage your subordinates, only in this case you can get more money from the created products. Toys, spare parts for cars, as well as tires for them - this is just a small list of what these laborers create. With the funds received, it will be possible to increase the size of production, hire more people, and adjust the production process, since without quality management, production will be completed. Well, in everything else, you yourself will understand, especially since you are the owner of this enterprise.

The main features of the game More !:

  • Many hardworking workers who are ready to fulfill any of your requirements;
  • You are represented by a superior;
  • Interesting and unpredictable gameplay;
  • Ability to improve the productivity of subordinates;
  • Cool retro image.
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