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Developer: Prisma Labs, inc.
Latest Version: update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 12+
Prisma (prism) Unlike most fellows on the nature of the work, the application will not impose thousands of filters on a snapshot, and will not ask you for a tedious and tedious time looking for one option or another. Due to the new technology, which is called "neural networks", the application redraws the downloaded image under the selected styles of works of the most famous artists on the planet. To date, the project has more than three dozen design themes that do not have additional adjustments. Just load a prism on an android smartphone, create a new frame without leaving the program, or find an interesting frame from the gallery, click on the “next” button, and after that you will have a huge selection of pictures with pre-translation and further actions. Finding a suitable option, the program will begin to engage in processing, and after a minute will show the final results of the work. Ready for publication, it will be possible to upload to your Instagram account at the same time (there is a separate key for this), show your friends using one of the following methods: email, SMS messages, instant messengers, etc. Well, in the end, the image can be simply left in memory, in your phone. If you don’t like the results of editing a snapshot, you can click on the “back” button and work with other effects.

Any filter presented can be adjusted by simple swipes around the screen. After any operation that you consider to be final, you can reset the finished version to your phone or Instagram. To do this, the program will provide separate opportunities, and if for some reason you do not use the previously mentioned social. network, it will be possible to find any other method that works on your device, also via the Share key. In addition to the above, it will be possible to activate the flash or edit it so that it functions in the desired form. There is also an option key in the form of a gear.

Prism for its inclusion and subsequent use will ask for an Internet connection, since the image editing algorithm is carried out not on the mobile device, but on the product development server. But this does not really matter, since the processing is carried out fairly quickly and will not require you to spend free time, as it was in the initial stages of testing the service. The program is regularly updated, corrected and supplemented with new filters.

Main features of the prism application:

  • Filters in style of the most famous artists of the era;
  • Amazing special effects, first used in this kind of products;
  • < li> Ease of use and editing;
  • Ability to upload finished work to social networks;
  • Regular updates and high-quality optimization.
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