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Alarmy is an effective alarm clock on your device with an android system that will appeal to users who are “heavily” enduring the morning rise. The utility will show the most working and very simple method that will help you get up on time and not oversleep an important event. The alarm clock is an extremely important function, and a feature of this version is that it has a variety of ways to turn off the call.

Let's take a closer look at the main methods of turning off the program. The first and easiest of all these methods is to simply tap the disconnect icon. The next method - you need to shake the smartphone, and depending on the specified parameters, you will have to perform from five to hundreds of shakes. The third method is to take a picture. Here, as a blocking signal, you will have to take a photo from a previously taken place. This place may be for example - sink. In this case, you will need to go to the toilet and take a picture from the same position; if during the final analysis the pictures are different, then the bell will play further. So take pictures of a place away from your bedroom. In this case, you can outsmart the system, select the closest object as a snapshot, but know that you need to get up at the right time.

A bathroom, a street tree, a well-hidden object, or the physiognomy of your faithful companion can be a place for creating the initial frame. And until you photograph this subject, you will have to listen to a very loud siren. Alarm Clock Alarmy can not be deactivated through Task Manager or third-party services. As a good option - you can accustom yourself to fill the bed - just take a picture of the bed made, and you will have no choice. Utility Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) has at its disposal such opportunities that do not allow its owner to continue to sleep in a normal state. The two most recent types of turning off the signal will be most effective if waking up is not an easy challenge for you. The alarm can not be deactivated until all the conditions for turning off the alarm are completed.

Alarmy main features:

    < li> The usual options for adjusting the alarm: on time, changing the call, adjusting the vibrating signal;
  • Ability to set the required number of alarms;
  • Ability to turn off the signal triggering by shaking the phone;
  • The format of "arithmetic problems" (to deactivate the call, you need to solve simple rebus);
  • Set colors of appearance;
  • The alarm will force the user to go to another part of the apartment to help wake up;
  • Adjust the sensitivity of mobile device shaking;
  • Set a gradually increasing sound signal strength;
  • Ability to select the desired way to cancel the call: pressing the button, creating a photo, shaking.

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