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Just Cleaner (Just Cleaner) - a program whose primary task is to clean the device with the android system from unused files and other garbage. And if you translate the name of the utility verbatim, and it sounds like “Just a Cliner”, then to tell the truth, the creators of this software are slightly wise with the functionality of their brainchild. The package has such features that cannot be 100% written into the standard options of the cleaners, but some of the features that are not superfluous in such a program were not detected. The utility main screen transmits the status of the mobile device to its users in the form of a special diagram in the shape of a circle. A yellow value in this kind of table shows the status of the phone's ROM (the memory space already occupied). The blue line is responsible for the state of the RAM. Scarlet line is responsible for the operation of the processor device. Well, the processor temperature will be described in green.

First of all, Just Cleaner provides for the analysis all the statistics of the internal system resources, namely: the use of RAM, processor, etc. The main menu is informative, looks very nice and modern. The screen will highlight the most important performance indicators, which are regularly updated as the tasks of the device change. Also from the main menu you can go to the settings of the utility - the manager, delete unnecessary files or reduce the charge. When searching for unused files, the application summarizes the amount of unused information and shows it in a separate list. We are talking about the cache of programs and games. You can delete it from the smartphone’s memory in one click on the “clear” button, but at the moment there is no group tagging of installed utilities, so selectively clearing the garbage will not work. In the manager, it will be possible to sort the installed files by individual parameters, as well as quickly delete them. The excess battery consumption also reflects the work of 3G and WiFi, which can be disabled from the main menu. Among all the rest, you can note the ability to copy information to a flash card and find out the temperature of the phone.

In the category of battery consumption, you can see which utilities are active at the moment, in other words, they are wasting charge, and which Just Cleaner options can to save. To optimize the system, you need to tick on such programs or phone settings that you do not need to work in hidden mode, and then tap on the "Optimize" button. The “calls” category currently needs some minor work, but it works fine as a whole, there is also a special category in the form of a joystick, by tapping on which you can read interesting application tips from the developers themselves.

Basic Just Cleaner features:

  • Delete unused files from internal memory;
  • Optimize your device by turning off unnecessary services;
  • Managing background processes;
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