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Turbo Cleaner (System Cleaning) - this utility serves to speed up the system part of the smartphone, which operates under the control of the android system. With all this, the program takes up very little memory and requires even less resources. This is a very useful product that will not be superfluous on your phone if you take good care of it. As everyone knows, even the most advanced devices require careful care. There is nothing supernatural in this, because both programs installed from outside and system utilities always leave extra garbage in memory. If you don’t get rid of this “material” for a long time, then after a while your phone will slow down and do its job much longer. This feature of the work does not like any owner of the device. Fortunately, Turbo Cleaner flawlessly gets rid of such problems. The primary option of the product is the removal of unused information. The program itself analyzes borrowed memory, finds non-working processes and permanently erases them.

The application will conduct a system analysis of all installed utilities in less than a minute and clean the device from debris that inhibits the work of the most important processes. Coupled with this, the turbo clinic helps to adjust the work of those services that are open in the background. Thanks to such simple actions, it will be possible to improve system performance several times. Your device will work better if you delete unused data, which, not only litter the memory, but also waste battery power. In addition, the utility will ensure that the temperature of the device does not exceed the permissible value. It will monitor the rate of heating the device by turning off programs that greatly overload the processor.

Turbo Kliner main features:

  • Optimization of background services.
    By turning off background processes, Turbo Cleaner increases the amount of free RAM and increases the performance of the entire system. In other words, the utility stops the programs that are not currently required to make the phone economical and fast, and the engine, developed for the specific tasks, provides the most thorough cleaning.

  • < li> Clearing unused data.
    The application scans the status of the entire memory and erases unnecessary files. The program successfully finds and scans all your applications, and for this reason can provide the most thorough cleaning of the cache.

  • Reducing the operating temperature of the device.
    Turbo Cleaner searches, and then closes applications that use too much processor resources, thereby cooling it, which greatly increases the life of the device. Cancel unused processes makes your device not only faster in terms of work, but also optimizes the entire system. The cleaner will always be ready for work, completing the task in time.

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