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Developer: Evgenii Chernov
Latest Version: 5.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
FlashOnCall Flash on a call (old ver.) is a utility that allows you to set the flash of your mobile device on the alarm mode of various events, including features such as incoming messages and incoming calls. This will be useful not only in the form of an alternative to a regular call, but also in its full replacement format - for example, if your device has a broken speaker or the vibrator motor does not work. When starting it up, you will have to edit the application, the utility will try to access the main camera, and for some time switch the mode of the usual flashing signal to a bright interval flash. If this option has been enabled, then after that you can start the full setup of the program. It is worth considering that when using the camera when the application is running, or using third-party products, there is a great chance that a synchronization conflict will occur, and you will receive a notification about the lack of access to the system.

To the fundamental flash options The count includes bright blinking for incoming calls and messages, changing the flicker frequency and the delay period of the light signal, the ability to turn off the signal at the moment when the battery charge has dropped to a lower value, etc. The light alert can be used both in the standard mode of operation and when the sound signal is blocked. The characteristics of the signals can be adjusted in the main FlashOnCall menu in separate windows scrolled along with the swipe sides. For incoming messages, you can turn on the alert and set the desired number of flashes. In the main options, settings of the program in various situations are defined. There is a similar package of options for calls. The frequency of flashes is set in milliseconds, the optimal number is in the range from 70 to 250. You should not choose a too small frequency, because This will adversely affect the operation of LEDs in the future. In the Google Play store, Flash on the call (old ver.) Has a good rating, which indicates that there are no problems with working with equipment and synchronization with a variety of smart phone models that have an LED signal.

After setting, you do not need to quickly close program, since in the flash he count there are several interesting options. At the very beginning, it will be possible to note in what forms (silent, ringing or vibro) the utility will work. Secondly, this time signal discharges the battery, for this reason, the period of operation of the phone is slightly shortened. You will need to choose a smaller number of flashes and the time of their flicker. But besides the above, if the phone has a low charge, which is usually less than 15% -10%, then by turning on a special option in the settings, the utility will stop working. Very practical option, which is rarely found in this kind of software.

Main features Flash on a call (old ver.):

  • Adjust flash intensity for messages;
  • Adjust flash for phone calls;
  • Ability to choose the flicker frequency of the signal;
  • Different waveforms for different commands.

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