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Developer: Yousician Ltd.
Latest Version: 4.8.0 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android +
GuitarTuna (guitar tuner) is an easy-to-use, and very accurate string instrument tuner on your smartphone. Such a useful and necessary utility, in his arsenal, is obliged to have any musician playing the guitar. In addition to fine tuning instruments, the program also has additional features.

So far, the Guitar Tuner is the most used product for adjusting sound parameters. The utility interface is not crowded with unnecessary options, and the speed does not cause censures. Unlike fellow workers, Guitar Tuna can interact with both acoustic instruments and bass and electric guitars. The program accurately determines the tonality in conditions of increased noise, highlighting it against the background of other sounds. Also in the product work is implemented for left-handers, and it is possible to customize instruments with different numbers of strings. With this tuner you can adjust the structure of the bass guitar, violin, and other instruments. The guitar tuner has already loaded more than twenty million users: from ordinary musicians to professional ones. Another advantage of the utility is that there is the possibility of learning to play the guitar.
Download a free package of interesting exercises and lessons to your smartphone without closing the app, and conquer new peaks. If the standard package is not enough for you and you want something new, then visit the local store, as there is a lot of interesting things.

Main features of the Guitar Tuner:

  • The utility synchronizes with a huge variety of existing instruments, including: violin, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, cello, and a lot of other instruments;
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  • To adjust the sound settings, you can use the microphone built into the phone, which will perfectly cope with its sound th task;
  • If you have a special desire, you can purchase additional settings, but you will have enough of the standard ones too.
  • A clear tuner for novice musicians that works flawlessly;
  • Easy to use visual response and a signal that will indicate the degree of tuning;
  • There is a professional adjustment mode with increased accuracy for the most experienced musicians, which can also be activated in the options;
  • Automatically adjust format mode (for beginners);
  • Built-in metronome. The user can set the desired rhythm, here you can also change the sound of the metronome or manually set the desired rhythm for repetition;
  • Various exercises for comfortable learning new notes and chords: learn and hone your acquired knowledge of playing the guitar;
  • The program works well and distinguishes the signal in noisy environments;
  • Large catalog of chords;
  • More than one hundred settings (lowering the tone, as well as tuning for guitars, the number of strings which differs from the standard 6-string);
  • The technology of working with the incoming sound signal is award-winning;
  • Ability to choose alternative systems for the guitar;
  • Learning new songs: a lot of songs with a finished tablature, will help you to practice your skills in practice.

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