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Uber (Uber) is a specialized utility for calling a taxi of a representative segment. If you are not stuck in terms of budget or you really need to get somewhere at the exact time, and there are no taxi cars nearby, then it is time to try out the first-of-its-kind taxi service in practice. With the help of this utility, you can effortlessly call a taxi, immediately pay for it, or ask ordinary motorists to bring you to the desired point. The most interesting thing is a fleet of vehicles, where a person is offered to get to the right place, or to be more precise, all executive cars, like Mercedes and Aidu.

When starting, the program offers us to register with the service or go through a quick authorization procedure (if you have a page from this service), after this stage you can call a taxi of interest and go to the intended point without losing time. To order a car, you need to turn on the GPS and connect to the Internet connection, and in the task bar enter the place of arrival and the point of your departure. At the expense of the slider in the lower half of the screen, the user will be able to select the class of car of interest, after which it will be possible to see the changes of car brands on the map and find the car of interest. As you can see, there is nothing non-standard in this program, and the position of the vehicles can be tracked on the Google map contained in the utility.

But, as we mentioned above, all the vehicles used in the application work on non-cash calculation, for this reason, before calling the car, you will need to give information about your credit card.
There is no need to worry about data integrity, except for the owner and the banking company that works with this service, this data is not recognized by anyone. If you dial a promo code in construction, the user will be able to receive several free orders and immediately go in the intended direction. The only negative feature of Uber can be called the inaccessibility of service in smaller cities, for example, you can call a taxi in St. Petersburg, and not a single car can be found 50 kilometers from the city. The choice will depend only on the customer, but if you want to ride on a fast and convenient car, and most importantly, safe, then try Uber. Also, any user with a machine can become not only a customer, but also a cab driver and work with a company with Uber. For cooperation, you will have to download another application. Uber is certainly a simple, convenient and high-quality service for calling a taxi.

The main features of the Uber application are better than a taxi:

  • Convenient call for a taxi at the exact time and place;
  • No need to wait for long queues during a call;
  • The user will be aware of the approximate cost in advance;
  • There is a list of ratings of all taxi drivers;
  • Upon arrival at the specified location, the passenger receives a receipt.

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