Hot Wheels: Race Off for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Hutch Games
Latest Version: 1.1.11595 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 3+
Size: 97 Mb
Hot Wheels: Race Off (Hot Wheels). High barriers and steep slopes at a sheer angle, dizzying flights at incredible speeds, a large variety of cars for every taste, and an incredible variety of improvements and trainings - all this is a racing game Hot Wheels: Race Off, which gives the maximum opportunity from ideas about racing simulators gives you the opportunity to enter into an amazing confrontation with dangerous opponents!

The primary goal is to complete a very difficult obstacle course, win more money and win rare prizes in a cooperative or single-player skom modes. The main difficulty is to beat even more motivated racers ... In Hot Wheels: Race Off, almost all races will take place in one arena, which is a long track stretched to the horizon, spinning into serpentines, filled with sudden differences and rises: the track is high in the sky, where you can look for the settlements below. Difficulty will depend on the game level, but, as it often happens, not every rider will make it to the finish line, and certainly not on the first attempt, and there are many reasons for this.

First, the player will need all the time to monitor the ever-decreasing level of fuel - if you miss standing cans, then soon your car will stop dead and you will not be able to move on. The second trouble that can catch you while driving is a powerful car damage system: getting up on all four wheels from a great height is safe, but you should touch the ground to the body just as your car will explode at the same moment!

In < b> Hot Wheels: Race Off, as in other games with this theme of passing, you will need to control your transport, constantly increasing its speed on flat sections of the route and controlling the movement of the car during the flight so that fell on the body. Press on the gas when the car goes on a flat road or when it will go uphill, but as soon as the car comes off the asphalt wheels - release the gas. By holding the throttle button in flight, your car will start to rotate and will be able to make several somersaults in order to spin the car in the opposite direction - press on the brake. Throughout the route, there will be versatile items, from gold, to fuel cans and various speed increasers. Pick up the money, they will be useful to you for the subsequent refinement of your transport, so that you improve the acceleration and stability on the track. The most important thing is to collect all the gasoline to keep the fuel level in the tank at the right level and get to the finish line, because during the race the gasoline flies off at an incredible speed.

The main features of Hot Wheels: Race Off:

  • A large fleet of vehicles to choose from;
  • Great opportunities for upgrade;
  • Gradually increasing complexity;
  • Beautiful landscapes that will take turns alternately.
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