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Star Wars: Arena of Power - a new strategy is presented for your review that will immerse you in the wonderful world of star wars. This is not just another average release of the legendary series - it's fascinating fights, incredible action, battles, fights, and the omnipresent danger. As you know, until today, quite a few games have been developed in this format, but Star Wars: The Battle Arena has combined the newest techniques, the latest technologies, and most likely will be able to compete for the title of the game of the year on the Android OS. In practice, the Old Wars Force Arena on Android is a new trend for lovers of this story, and just fans of interesting and exciting PvP battles. The creators of the game from the company Netmarble Games have already presented to our review entertaining projects that even have a large number of fans.

Now you can test your strength in a distant galaxy. Today, registration of new users of the strategy continues, and you can also become real participants in amazing battles and dangerous confrontations of the Star Wars force. In the game you will become the head of a group of the most famous heroes of the galaxy. You will need to enter the battlefield and clash with other users, they can also cooperate with other warriors who will be honored to have the opportunity to go against you. But we should not forget that if you take some of your old acquaintances into the arena who want to clash with your worst enemy, the battle will be much simpler.

This Star Wars series included six dozen popular heroes Star Wars world, some players are familiar with, now we are talking about the Skywalker family, or the magnificent adventurer - Han Solo and his beloved friend Chubaku. The most important part of the Star Wars series is the strategic component, only with the right approach you will be able to calculate the moves of your enemy, and ultimately defeat him. For each battle, you are awarded game points and prizes, for which you can improve some items or indicators of your warriors.

The main features of Star Wars: Arena of Power:
  • Cooperate with other users or acquaintances from all over the world in battles 2v2 or 1v1 in the mode of cooperative play;
  • Collect rare cards with the main characters of the series and update your characters to collect the most powerful Rebel detachment in the history or the Emperor's detachment. Use powerful character duets to increase your effectiveness in battle;
  • Become the head of a group of famous Star Wars characters: including heroes like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and even new heroes from the movie Outlaw one, such as or Grand Moff Tarkin;
  • Compete to get more prizes, unlock new heroes and earn rare items by taking part in dangerous uprisings and gradually getting to the top of the leadership list for domination over a distant galaxy.

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