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Latest Version: 1.92 update 1 month ago
System: Android +
Zombie Safari Apocalypse on Android - Wonderful arcade with a pinch of action on the theme of the all-consuming zombie apocalypse, famous at the last hour. And in terms of the rapid development of the storyline we will have to wait a lot of surprises. The end of the world has long been there, the carnivorous dead wandering around this planet, and more precisely on the ruins of former cities destroy the survivors.

But the quiet and pacifying idyll of the dead did not last long, from secret bunkers and other shelters, a great number of people who survived the terrible apocalypse emerged from this secret world to engage in an unequal battle with an unread armada of flesh-eating creatures. Underground life has brought these people absolutely crazy and now they are ready to go outside and exterminate the dead everywhere. In this game, we will need to play as a brave dead man named Frank, one of the representatives of the zombies, a weapon will be given into the hands of a man with the aim of destroying the office workers who survived.

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