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Developer: Zombie Catchers
Latest Version: 1.23.3 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Zombie Catchers is an arcade-worthy audience audience that will plunge users into the world of amazing fantasy, carnivorous zombies, and alien invaders. The game brings a rather non-standard format of zombies, although at first glance it may seem that there is nothing surprising. The missions that are offered for the passage are quite complicated, which gives the project charm and color. The graphics are standard for such projects and framed in the style of cartoons. With all of the above, everything works like a clock and without any problems, which is very important if you analyze the current approach of developers to creating games that completely forget about the quality optimization for android devices. Our main character will be a humanoid nicknamed AJ. He and his faithful ward named Bad decided to put together some money on the capture of zombies, which filled our planet. This mission will require skill and thinking outside the box, but you can also profit from this for a very long time. You will need to process the captured material into a nutritious cocktail. Of course, it doesn't sound very beautiful, but nothing can be done.

The main goal of Zombie Catchers for android is to try to grab as many dead people as possible and then tow them to the ship of the main character. Harpoon, versatile traps and, of course, cold-blooded mind are well suited for this work. At the very beginning, the zombies will need to be found at the presented location, after that they will trap their trap with appetizing brains, and after that, all the work will be done for you by special devices. The control is based on keys for movement, and buttons for shooting, trapping, etc. As soon as the balloon is completely filled with material, we return to the base, throw the dead into the processing vessels and make money. With each type of zombie, its product is obtained, for example, delicious juice is squeezed from yellow ones, and ice cream can be made from blue ones. With the money received for processing the dead, you can buy a better quality harpoon for fishing, a knapsack for flying, and other baits and traps for fishing. The more your level will be, the more fun moments and interesting items you find on the way. If you go deeper into the process of passing, then on the later cards you will encounter bats, crabs, and other animals that you should beware of in the process of fishing. All these animals will want to upset our hero's plans, and destroy his business. In addition to the above, there are several varieties of zombies on the levels, some of which are defenseless against your traps, while others are armed to the teeth and you need to be extremely careful with them.

The main features of the game Zombie Catchers:

  • A funny character named AJ;
  • A non-standard approach to the design of a post-apocalyptic future and its consequences;
  • Colorful animation and a good study of the physics of the action of all objects;
  • Several devices for capturing targets;
  • Huge Arsen al traps for the main character;
  • A variety of helper robots that will work and search for new places of the zombie flock, even after the game ends;
  • Share your achievements with other users.

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