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System: Android 4.1+
Age: 12+
Size: 70 Mb
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Star Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes) - You are presented with a game on the Android system, created in the plot of the famous saga, with equally famous characters in the Star Wars universe. Under the direction of the players will be a huge variety of different characters. Princess Leia, Palpatine, droids, powerful Jedi, and maybe you want to side with the dark representatives of the force, such as: Darth Maul or Darth Sidious, who will gladly agree to stand for your candidacy. To make a complete collection of interesting characters, you have to work very hard. Heroes can not only be bought for in-game currency, but also received as a incentive prize for winning a difficult battle. Throughout the storyline, our characters will fight in battles in the most remote parts of the Empire. What do we have those battles in the arena, when here you can fly to the legendary Tatooine! Speaking in regular confrontations, the heroes will earn valuable experience and, consequently, improve the characteristics of the heroes and get new talents at their disposal. The player will also open access to new missions, for the timely implementation of which it will be possible to gain big money. Get training drone, they will significantly increase the quality and speed of pumping heroes, and thereby simplify the confrontation itself. Get new types of uniforms, and equip wards as you like.

Constantly train your champions. The attack power of your charges may vary due to the use of higher-quality uniforms or non-standard combat strategy. The strength of your team is also influenced by the levels of characters, which proportionally depends on the number of talents available, and also greatly affects the level of fitness of the team, as well as give access to new attacks that can destroy even a very experienced opponent. An example of such talents is the great Lightning Darth Sidious's Lightning.

Star Wars Galaxy of Hiros on Android is a rare find for fans of the legendary universe, since the gameplay is exactly like the Heroes Charge project and other games of this format. . But a score of 4.5 points in Google Play shows that such copies are highly in demand, and have their own target audience, especially since there is such a powerful foundation in the face of the huge Star Wars universe.

Top Star Wars ™ features: Galaxy of Heroes:

  • Intriguing storylines that will take you to legendary film sites and beyond their borders. ;
  • Choose which of the parties you will play for;
  • Absolutely everyone the character of the series has its own lanta and supernatural capabilities;
  • Russian translation;
  • Ability to assemble the strongest team , develop a strategy for fighting, win and be a first-class leader.
  • Maximum detail of objects and locations;
  • Compatible with android shell version 4.1 and higher;
  • There is no need to load additional cache to the game;
  • The best choice for those who love movies of the specified subject;
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