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Developer: Top Free Games.
Latest Version: 7.7.22 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.2+
Bike Race Free (Bike Race free - racing games) - after being released to the Android operating system, and not having a huge audience, this game has been hanging in the list of lowest-rated Google apps for quite a long time. And at one point, unexpectedly, even for the creators of the arcade themselves, the toy began to catch up and to do so with great speed. With each new day, the number of downloads only increased, and accolades from users who had time to test the game, became more and more. Apparently, in this process, it took some time so that users could understand what the main advantage of this project is. But first things first. This racing arcade cannot boast of a worthy image, sometimes there is a feeling that programmers did not even think about this performance, let alone use real artists to work on the image. Everything looks simple and clumsy in some places. It may seem that the desire to play on the screen will disappear for no reason, but as soon as you turn on the first level and pass a few obstacles, the gameplay will do its job and delay you for several hours of continuous play.

Management in Bike Race Free on Android seems not very practical, and at first it will be unclear where you want to click. To start the movement, you need to click on the left side of the display, and if you want to slow down, then click on the right side. If you want the bike to go up on one wheel, then turn the smartphone in the right direction, and to accelerate, just tap the screen. Try to move is not very fast, because your rider can not roll over. The roads here are so winding that at times you may get confused where the bottom and the top are located. This deception is obtained only because the arcade has very simple background detail. During your skating, do not forget about the performance of complex tricks, because for this you will receive additional prizes.

Bike Race Free was included an impressive number of tracks that will not match on its form. There are also differences in complexity, and there is still a network format for passing, and a rating of the most successful riders. To complete all levels of the game, most likely, you need to be an ardent fan of this genre. Regardless of simplicity, this game is an excellent time killer, the idea of ​​which is not unprecedented graphics, but unprecedented simplicity. The levels are very interesting, with difficult climbs, with exciting obstacles, and dangerous moments. An interesting fact is that the road itself is made in the form of a line, which is drawn against the background of game landscapes.

The main features of the game Bike Race Free:

  • Two game modes: cooperative and single game;
  • Simple and convenient control;
  • Ability to receive points for the passed stages, thereby opening new locations for further passage;
  • Twelve most complex maps, numbering a hundred tracks ;
  • More than a dozen types of two-wheeled vehicles;
  • Beautiful tricks.

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