Monster Car Hill Racer 2 for Android

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Developer: VascoGames
Latest Version: 1.2 update 4 months ago
System: Android 2.3+
Monster Car Hill Racer 2 is another copy of a very famous racing arcade game in the game circles, tied to the killing of the walking dead with a vehicle. But in this version we are offered to ride on a huge number of cards, on the most non-standard types of vehicles, with an impressive set of tools to destroy carnivorous enemies who are easily placed on the roof of your car, and go on a wild journey, in search of adventure. The principle of the game has not changed, and will be well known to fans of the above-named genre. Here the most important thing is to try to keep the car on wheels and not let the enemy get you. The user is provided with three game modes: arcade mode, with alternate passing cards, endless race and testing, doing the player will receive the most generous prizes. It will depend on how much game currency you get at the end of the level, depending on how much you pass and how much you manage to kill opponents. Play money at your hour can be exchanged for the revision of the car, the opening of new types of cars and more complex cards for passing, etc.

To control the transport, you need to press the gas button on the right side of the screen while tapping which, the player will be able to go forward and overcome obstacles. You will have to try hard to stay among the lucky survivors. The more the driver goes the distance, the more creatures will die under the wheels of his transport. Gain mad speed and fly into the crowd of the dead, so that they do not have a chance for salvation and any response actions. Also on this road of death, you will be presented with all sorts of obstacles that a player will be able to pierce.

More than once you will have the opportunity to climb the steep slopes of the mountains and jump over dangerous ravines. In addition, here you can kill the monsters from the weapon installed on the vehicle. Be sure it is breathtaking. Monster car hill racer 2 on android is the best medicine for stress relief. There are a lot of cars here, and they are all different. This feature applies to the cards. The choice of firearms is also not stingy, and, consequently, the enemies have no chance of success. Management will not require the player to perform complex combinations, for this reason even a novice player can handle it. Test all kinds of weapons on zombies and crush them with all four wheels. In other words, do your best to complete the game. You can sum up in advance what this project will suit your taste.

Key features of the Monster Car Hill Racer 2 game:

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  • Funny cartoon graphics;
  • Great room for improving cars;
  • Different game modes, each of which has its own characteristics;
  • Gradual complication, which will have to be adjusted by all means.
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