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Developer: BitMango
Latest Version: 1.7.64 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Roll the Ball slide puzzle is a thinking development game that offers its users a bunch of great tasks with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. It’s not for nothing that such a genre is still very popular, after all, when compared with various racing applications or sports games, sometimes you need to be distracted from routine tasks and test the performance of your own brain. Logic games perfectly cope with such a difficult job, especially with such a theme. There is nothing better than to spend your free time, solving various quests that, in reality, are most likely not to be met. But for example. Today's game will help you quickly navigate if you need to start arranging furniture in your own apartment.

In principle, users are presented with a variation of such a famous puzzle, like tags, only with new techniques and tasks. Each new map is a medium-sized platform, on which square blocks can be moved, but some squares will be attached to the platform, and it will not be possible to move them to another position. You need to move the squares not in a chaotic sequence, but in order to collect a clear picture at the very end, in this case, the player will have to pave the correct route for the ball, and to all the above, time also decides a very important role, or rather, then for the passage of one card, half a minute will be allotted for the decision, as soon as the timer finishes its countdown, the ball will begin to move to the finish line, regardless of whether the track is ready for a ride. For the completed map you will be provided with a certain number of stars, and which particular number will depend proportionally on the time spent on solving the quest, and on the number of moves required. It is clear that both time and moves need to be spent less. Management in Roll the Ball: slide puzzle on the android will be clear without additional lessons - just move the necessary block to the place of interest.

The design of the project turned out to be quite simple, the site and bricks are made for wooden processing, which is very mediocre, but looks decent. The effects are absent here for the reason that they have nowhere to insert. The sound is on a strong four, and the hearing does not hurt, so this parameter does not cause additional questions, except I would like a slightly non-standard approach to the design. Roll the Ball: slide puzzle - will appeal to fans of thinking development games, in which there are no unnecessary things.

Key features Roll the Ball: slide puzzle:

    < li> A whole hundred interesting puzzles - from the most primitive at the beginning of the game, to very complex ones;
  • Send the best results to the rating list of the game on Google Play;
  • Solve problems at your own pace, but also do not forget about the main time by which the game will be judged.

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