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Developer: Cartoon Network
Latest Version: 1.0.10 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Card Wars Kingdom (Kingdom of Card Wars) - We invite you to the great kingdom of card battles and unpredictable adventures! The project has long been developed specifically for ardent fans of the legendary animated film called "Adventure Time". The development of the game involved the company Cartoon Network. Well, you probably already understand who the main characters are, if you watched the aforementioned cartoon. With all this, this game will be able to rightfully appreciate and praise, not only fans of this cartoon, but also fans of such a common genre. In the beginning, the user will speak on behalf of Jake. Your main enemy, no matter how strange it may sound, will be the same. And to be more precise, its dark side. To defeat the enemy, you need to collect the strongest deck of cards. At first, for the players will be open, only four cards of magic creatures, and a certain amount of combat spells. Characters can fight not only at the expense of their physical strength, but also with the help of magic abilities.

To make the first move, you need special energy. It needs to be constantly collected, or rather saved, as with a different outcome, the course possibilities will be disabled for you and, therefore, you will lose the match. Try to pre-create and think through the strategy of the fight before you take unintended actions. As for the magic deck, she can be responsible for the attack, and give useful bonuses to the allied characters. The Kingdom of Card Wars project boasts really good graphics, which is rare today. High-quality picture will appeal to even the most sophisticated players. All the characters are drawn in detail and look just amazing.

With the release of this kind of games like Card Wars Kingdom on android, you can safely forget about all the existing standards and stereotypes that have developed about card projects: now this is not just a boring exchange cartons by pre-included rules, now it is - great battles with heroes, each of whom wants to impose their game! Gather a first-class group of magical creatures, each of which has its own ace in the sleeve - all these secrets and features will play into your hands in a fight against other opponents. In every way connect them with each other, trying to get the perfect synthesis of abilities, improve the level of heroes, so that in the end you will be able to play at additional locations. Each outcome of the battle may be, both in your direction and towards the enemy, because other heroes have the same cards, but their moves may differ, so be more careful about creating a strategy.

Main Features of the Kingdom of Card Wars game:

  • Cool gameplay and great opportunities in the development of heroes;
  • Nice graphics and visual effects, which are even in the smallest details;
  • A lot of cool missions and fights;
  • Famous heroes;
  • Qualitative voice acting of characters and effects, which gives the gameplay even greater versatility and charm.

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