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Category: Games
Developer: Black Bears
Latest Version: 8.1.1 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.4+
Drilla (Drilling - Underground Strategy) invites players to try their hand at finding rare minerals that are very deep in the bowels of the earth. All that is required for their production is precisely on schedule to replenish the costs with the energy required for the operation of the unit. You will also need to trade the resources you have found, and buy additional parts for this huge machine with your profit. On the screen, the player will look at the following story: the background gradually goes down, and all this happens due to the drill, which methodically drills the soil and tries to find minerals for you, such as: metals, iron ore, coal, and in some cases, if you're lucky, gold will fall. These items can be sold for a very good price and make a huge fortune on this, of course, in the game currency.

Our drill gradually goes down into the bowels of the earth, and for its operation you will need energy, which you can earn by pressing on the purple key. The power reserve for the car at the very beginning will be sorely lacking, but after a while, the user will be able to expand his reserves, and leave the game, the main thing is that your warehouse with the mined materials is not filled, because with this outcome, the energy will be lost That, and the extracted resources you will not be reckoned. You can exchange all the funds received for additional equipment for your drill, and more specifically, for its components, for example, screws, power supplies, engines, etc. How much your warehouse is full of materials, indicates a special percentage scale at the top of the display. The energy block - the scale, also designated as a percentage, will indicate how full the fuel compartment is and how long it remains for it to stop. Once every ten minutes, the player is given the opportunity to spin the roulette. The first attempt will be absolutely free, the subsequent times will be available either for viewing the video, or for precious stones, which are secondary currency. These jewels are purchased in the store for the real currency, obtained for winning in a drum game or mined in the mines. Once in thirty days, the user receives a bonus in which a discount is offered on various goods in the game store, for example, at this time it will be possible to purchase an average package of precious diamonds at a cost that is two times less than usual. Get daily gifts from the store, from which comes to the account of the account from five to twenty diamonds. In the game Drilled on Android, you can use credit cards if you want to buy an additional amount of diamonds.

The main features of the game Drilled - a strategy underground:

  • Entertaining time killer with good drawing;
  • Pumping equipment of the drilling machine;
  • Various achievements and prizes;
  • Interesting gameplay, which consists in the constant monitoring of devices;
  • Table top players.

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