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Developer: Wargaming Group
Latest Version: update 3 months ago
System: Android 4.2+
Gods and Glory: War for the Throne - this is the strategy that we rightly deserve! Presented here is a breathtaking company in the online style, the story of which unfolds in our era. You are waiting for enchanting fights, huge areas filled to the brim with jewels, countless strong warriors and dangerous characters, a sea of ​​first-class weapons and uniforms, the strongest magic and a bunch of other bonuses. Ultimately, the output turned out to be a kind of farm, but with its supply, interesting tasks and a warm in-game atmosphere. The gameplay is tailored to the online format, and therefore, without a good Internet connection, it will be extremely difficult to play it. Interaction with other characters takes place with the help of a general chat and a chat for guilds.

The main mission of the game is to build a city and increase the size of the army. There are a lot of secondary quests for pumping, each of which helps to improve the performance, which is why your players will perform the assigned tasks much more harmoniously. As in this kind of strategy, Gods and Glory: War for the Throne aims at microtransactions, for this reason the construction and creation of materials will take a lot of real time, which can be reduced by using special crystals. At the beginning of the game, it is almost not noticed, but with a gradual increase in the level, time is spent more and more, up to several weeks. Secondary missions will also be considered a battle. They are created in the form: who will be stronger, he won. Manage wards here can not be, only at the very beginning of the battle, you can change tactics, and after that everything is done in automatic form. With all of the above, the animation of all actions is performed with high quality and vividly, making it very interesting to look at what is happening. attacks on their territory. At the same time, your goal is notified of the time of your invasion, so you have a chance to prepare your forces to withstand the onslaught, for example, you can withdraw the best fighters from another battle, or send no one beyond the borders of your lands. In terms of the image Gods and Glory is one of the most colorful strategies. All the characters are drawn with love and understanding, and with competent mixing of the sound, the impression is created of immersion in the medieval world.

The main features of Gods and Glory: War for the Throne:

  • Fight bloody battles with opposing alliances;
  • Cooperate with the brothers in arms to repel an attack; < br>
  • Build a powerful capital to have large territories on the main map;
  • Subject colonies, that will supply you with useful resources;
  • Help your friends greenhouses, not only in natural resources and research, but also fighting force
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