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Latest Version: 4.3 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Mad Truck Challenge - Racing (Mad Truck Challenge Racing) - Wanted to take part in the most dangerous and wild races on the planet? Then you should be patient and download this project. This is the real race without rules in which you can do whatever you want! Will you be able to reach the finish line or will you turn half way? Truly difficult rounds on huge monster cars will be prepared for you. Each rider will try to do everything in his power, just to get to the finish line first, so you must use all the strength and ability to snatch victory from the hands of opponents. All your opponents will be hostile and tough to your person. On the road, the same psychos will pass by you, just like you, so do not be distracted by trifles.

The main mission of the game Mad Truck Challenge Racing on Android is to survive and resist against your hard pressure opponents. On the way to the finish line, the most powerful weapons and unforeseen maneuvers will be used against you. Trim other riders, shoot at them from the existing artillery, turning their vehicles into a pile of unnecessary scrap. The user will race at an incredible speed on slopes and descents, so there will be presented a lot of chances to show everything that you can do with the machine. If you still can not get ahead of another rider in an honest way, then you can always launch a volley of rockets into it. You have already understood that there are no clear rules, you just need to reach the finish line. For regular performance of complex pirouettes and victory over competitors, you can earn money that is designed to improve the performance and combat strength of your truck.

At first, the user will be installed the cheapest but extremely effective madrid truck challenge on the android system salvo fire system, which will cause significant damage to the enemy, even with an inaccurate shot, allowing you to overtake him and reach the finish line first. By the way, for winning in the next race, you will receive not only the coins required to finalize the car, but also points. The negative side can be attributed not quite detailed image, but in this genre it is not required. The control is made on the basis of a pair of keys on the left and right side of the screen, responsible for the rotation of the vehicle along the axis. Gas is not needed here, as the car is moving in automatic mode, and on the right side of the display there is a button to activate the rocket launch and turn on the turbo mode. Moreover, the two mentioned characteristics will be installed throughout the entire course of your arrival and must be selected in order to be able to use it when necessary.

The main features of the game Mad Truck Challenge racing:
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  • The development of physics at the highest level;
  • A wide choice of vehicles and additions to them; < br>
  • Nice animation graphics;
  • A wide variety of tracks to choose from.

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